Time for Coffee!

It’s Tuesday, time for a chat over a cup of coffee or tea or milk or whatever you want. I personally am having some coffee flavored with some Belgian chocolate toffee creamer, which is delightful. Served, of course, in the Happy Coffee Mug, because that’s how I roll.

We’re on spring break here this week, which is why it snowed this morning and isn’t supposed to get above 50 all week long. Not that I’m bitter grumblemumblefusswhinecomplain. Today we went up to Ames to the Reiman Gardens, which are really cool. They have a ton of beautiful outdoor gardens, which of course aren’t so beautiful at the end of March when only half the trees are budding and only the daffodils and tulips are brave enough to start peeping up through the dirt. But the kids loved running around on all the paths, and we loved getting them out of the house. They also have an indoor conservatory and a butterfly wing, which is full of all kinds of really cool butterflies and moths.

I took approximately 8,000 pictures, and hopefully eventually I’ll have time to edit them and post them.

Tomorrow’s spring break excitement involves me and Squeezy and the eye doctor. It’s been over a year since she got her glasses– can you believe that?– and it’s time for her annual checkup and we’ll be ordering her a new pair of specs. Which is good, because hers are about falling apart.

Just for remembrance’s sake, here’s Squeezy the day she got her glasses:

And this is her today:

Kind of amazing, isn’t it? She’s just getting so grown up it’s hard to believe. She’ll be two in less than a month! And let me tell you, she is getting an early start on that whole “terrible two’s” thing. She is Little Miss Independent, thankyouverymuch, and she was less than happy with Art and me today when we wouldn’t let her run straight into the lake or climb a flight of rock stairs without holding our hand or play with the gardeners’ pruning shears. We are so mean. It’s a wonder we can sleep at night.

So, with Miss Squeezy’s birthday a mere few weeks away, I’ve been trying to think of birthday party themes. Art suggested a cake that includes all her favorite things, but then her cake would be covered with such lovely things as her teddy bear, shoes, nose-picking (see boogie? see boogie?), removing her pants, her friend Judd, pens, and her tutu. I’m just not sure anyone would actually want to eat that. So then Art suggest a cheese theme for her party– cheese pizza and cheesecake. She could even wear the Queso Sombrero.

It’s a great idea, but I think we might go with the more traditional flowers or butterflies or princesses or something. Of course, a lot depends on who makes the cake. If I do it, she’ll be lucky if it’s recognizable as a cake. If my mom does it, the possibilities are endless.

Now you know what sorts of things I think about at 3:00 in the morning when I can’t sleep.

Anyway. Wasn’t I talking about spring break? How did I get so off topic?

So. Spring break. We’re hoping to do something else fun on Thursday, but what that fun thing is is still up in the air. It will just have to remain a mystery. In the meantime, Bubs has decided that in honor of spring break he is going to make a life-sized picture of Abraham Lincoln to hang on his wall. If it ever gets out of the development stage, I promise to share pictures.

If you came over for coffee today, I’m sure I could think of many other interesting things to say, but right now my brain is feeling a bit mushy in spite of the coffee, and anyway naptime is nearly over, so I probably should get going. But I’ll leave you with a little bit of photographic happiness before I go.

It’s a giant garden gnome. Why? Because we lived in Iowa, that’s why.

Happy Tuesday, y’all.


4 thoughts on “Time for Coffee!

  1. I want that gnome for my front yard.

    Also, happy spring break! πŸ™‚ Because I am annoying, I will tell you that it’s 77 degrees outside right now, and I am about to go sit at a park on my lunch break. Ok?

  2. ok. it is official. cam wants to come to iowa… to see the garden gnome πŸ™‚ he would also love a farm safari, but the gnome is the big draw for him- no pun intended, but now that i typed it -hahah!!

    squeezy is so big now! you are right. she just keeps growing. can’t you stop this?! well, you shoulda before she got to almost terrible twos πŸ™‚

    i like the tutu birthday idea! that is cute! and the cheese. i do kinda miss the sombrero on the sidebar πŸ™‚

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