Sometimes, just before spring truly arrives–
when the joy of waking to new snow has long ago worn off–
when the heart starts craving open windows, warm breezes, and bareheaded sunshine–
sometimes, it can feel like spring will never come.

Like the world will be locked in its end-of-winter despair forever.

Like all the other possibilities have disappeared, and all that is left are
mud and cold, barren branches and dead grass.

This heart, so ready for the new and the lovely and the warm
begins to doubt hope’s existence.

But there is always hope.

The new and the renewed always lie around the corner,
even when we cannot see– even when we must wait,
wait so much longer than we think is fair.

Even now, even today, the birds sing in spite of the cold,
and the trees and plants and flowers begin to awaken,
and it’s there if you look for it–
spring’s promise.

It will come.

It will come.


7 thoughts on “Promise

  1. “even when we must wait,
    wait so much longer than we think is fair.”

    that is where i am. waiting.
    i’m done. almost done hoping.
    the waiting has been so long.
    i need a new season (literally, and locationally). please.

  2. But there is always hope. thank you for the reminder. i hope you are taking it to heart 🙂 hang on… fresh and new will come, in His time.

    looks like the flower farm (or whatever it was!) had some way-cool stuff!!!!

  3. Yes… One thing I miss living in Charleston is that slow awakening, that gives me time to catch the hope – it goes straight to life here!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Sending a hug. Because I soooo wish I could give you one.

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