Yay Coffee!

Okay, so it’s 8:15 on Tuesday night and I’m not gonna lie, I’m not drinking coffee. But I’m going to link up to virtual coffee anyway, because that’s how I roll. And the title of this post is dedicated to Squeezy Bug, who has recently learned to say “Yay Coffee!” in a very excited voice. Not that I let her drink coffee. But I believe in early indoctrination in the ways of hot beverages. She’ll thank me later.

Anyway, this post is going to kind of be a hodge-podge post, because we’ve been busy and I haven’t posted in forever and we’ve taken about six million pictures. So I’m only going to post my favorites but that’s a lot. And you can pretend you’re sitting here in my messy living room, sipping the beverage of your choice, looking at these pictures with me. Won’t that be fun? Just nod and smile and look at my adorable children.

So. This is our family last week on our spring break extravaganza to the Reiman Gardens in Ames. We had to go indoors to find spring during spring break, because Iowa hates me. Now that spring break is over and we’re back at the whole school thing, the weather is beautiful. (Don’t you love my boys’ jeans? It’s the end of winter, so nearly all of their pants look like that. Hooray for shorts weather, coming soon . . .)

This picture cracks me up. She’s walking like a little teenager with some serious attitude. All she needs is a cell phone. Well, and jeans without an elastic waistband. And possibly she needs to lose the diaper. 😉

Reiman Gardens includes a butterfly wing, which I just think is so cool. I’m not gonna lie. I am pretty proud of the pictures I got in there.

This guy posed for me for a long time. Look at those legs. They’re kind of creepy in a really awesome kind of way.

And I’m thinking this one is going to need to end up on the wall. 🙂

Okay. So, since you already saw the giant gnome last week, I think that takes care of the Reiman Gardens trip. But don’t worry, I have WAY more pictures. It’s kind of like looking at old family slides, isn’t it? So fun. Ha.

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve already seen this picture, but I think it’s worth showing it again.

It totally cracks me up. I think it sums up how all women feel about all the pain we have to go through for beauty’s sake. Unfortunately, the curlers didn’t work that well, partly b/c I rolled them wrong and partly because Squeezy started pulling them out before her hair was completely dry. So she had a nice wave but not really curls; probably not really worth all the torment. But that picture up there? Totally worth the torment.

All dressed up for church. She was showing me her tights. She was very happy about her tights. Never mind how dirty the toes of them are.

So yesterday we went to the Omaha zoo. I know I’ve posted a million zoo pictures on this blog, so I’m just posting my MOST VERY FAVORITES today.

I love this picture. Because you can just tell that all three of them are thinking “is she EVER going to be done taking our picture?”

And this picture makes me laugh so hard. Not just because Squeezy is so mad and my mom is apparently strangling her, but also because it looks like my mom is wearing a tutu. It’s a good look for her, don’t you think?

But this next picture? This is the BEST PICTURE EVER.

This was taken immediately after Bubs stuck his hand in bird poop and then came running up to me and Art saying “I need a wipie! I need a wipie!” It was totally a Monk moment, and as you can tell, we were very sympathetic and made sure to not only take pictures but also catch as much as possible of it on video.

It’s no wonder our children love us so much.

Anyway, if you came over for coffee today we’d probably have a lot more to talk about. Right now though I think I need to be done talking. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a beautiful day!


7 thoughts on “Yay Coffee!

  1. Thanks for posting this. You have a wonderful blog. Spending time with family is something I truly enjoy in life. Family activities is a great way to spend time with your friends and family.

  2. I love having coffee with you on Tuesday nights. Even though tonight it is nearly midnight and so I am therefore NOT drinking coffee :). BUT I loved reading just as much as I always do.

  3. Your family is AWESOME! I love all the pictures they made me smile! The curlers, the grandma tutu, the bird poo. . . you are killing me today 🙂 Oh, and the butterfly ones are gorgeous!
    I am drinking coffee, because it is morning now. 🙂

  4. Holy smokes! The pic of the baby in curlers seriously made me laugh so loud my husband, who was on the phone, almost had to go into the other room.

  5. Wow – you take FABULOUS pictures! I need to get up to Reiman Gardens one of these days with the camera. I live 20 minutes away and have never been there.

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