It’s Tuesday Morning. And I’m Drinking Coffee.

Which can only mean one thing . . . it’s time for virtual coffee. 🙂

I’m trying to think of what has happened this week that hasn’t involved us! running around! from one thing to another! with no time to breathe! I’m not gonna lie. I’m struggling to think of anything. It’s been a wild week. Which is probably why I only just now realized that I never posted this picture:

Miss Squeezy got her new glasses on Thursday, and in my personal opinion she looks 1) way too grown up, 2) completely adorable, and 3) way more ornery than she used to. All of which are completely true. They definitely suit her.

In addition to new glasses making her look super grown up, she also just started going to Sunday School this past Sunday. Usually they wait till they turn two, but she and her friend J both turn two within a month of each other so they let us move them together. She did great in Sunday School except the part where she fell down the church stairs and banged her ear all up. Poor little thing. It’s hard being almost two.

In other news, they are building a turn lane in our street. Right across from us in fact. I’m fairly sure the project is being run by people lacking any sort of common sense or brains whatsoever. We live on a side street that is only busy twice a day– during school traffic. There is a school on the other end of the street. They already have the street divided by cones into two very narrow lanes so that you can barely drive or get in and out of our driveway. Yesterday in the middle of afternoon school traffic they had a cement truck out there blocking one of the lanes. What in the world? The street is only busy for like half an hour every day! Is it really that hard to figure that out and NOT plan to block the street during that time?


Okay. That’s the end of that rant. For now. I cannot guarantee that I will not rant about it at another time. Having your street all torn up isn’t fun.

Saturday night Art and I went to a progressive dinner with a bunch of seminary students. Art is a seminary student as well, in case I’ve never mentioned that. It was a lot of fun– I got reacquainted with some old friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and made some new ones. We were going to take one of the college’s vans, but it died a painful death so we ended up taking our church’s van (they leave it at the college to transport students to church, and yes we had permission). I drove. Isn’t that scary? Ha! I used to drive a big van for the daycare when I worked there, and I have a chauffeur’s license, so I was the natural choice. It was a little different being full of adults though. For one thing I couldn’t see out the rearview mirror. Ha.

Wasn’t that interesting? Ack. My life really has been kind of boring lately. But before I go I want to share something.

Your comments on my last post were so encouraging. I have found myself in a bit of a crisis of faith over the last few months, questioning the answers I have always accepted as truth. It hasn’t been fun or easy, and has shaken me to the core. I’m not through it yet, but God is slowly bringing me through. Putting some of my thoughts and feelings into words, and then reading your gracious and loving and thoughtful responses, have encouraged me in ways I can’t express. And in small ways God has been showing me His love and faithfulness even when He doesn’t answer my questions.

I have some thoughts I hope I’ll be able to form into words soon, but for now, thank you for your love and prayers and kindness to me. If you have any love and prayers and kindness left, would you take some time to pray for my friend Angie and her six-year-old son Xander? He was diagnosed just last week with Ewing Sarcoma, which is a type of cancer that is affecting his lungs, hip, and bone marrow. He is beginning his chemo treatments this week, and I know they would appreciate your prayers.

And with that, I’m off. May your coffee be delicious and your days full of cheer. 🙂


8 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday Morning. And I’m Drinking Coffee.

  1. I finally get to have coffee during virtual coffee! 🙂

    Thanks for the break from reality. I needed one this morning. I will be praying for your friend and her son. I can’t imagine the pain and heartache of having a sick child. Know that your family also continues to be in my prayers.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for sharing Erin – we will put Angie and Xander on our prayer list. I think fixing streets that were ok is part of the “stimulis” mess!! Gracie looks so adorable in her new glasses – it is so cool how they have classed up glasses for little kids. From the pictures I’ve seen of Dale when he was little – he wore those wrap -around your ears glasses. We love hearing about your family and your adventures. Love, Sandy

  3. Yes, those glasses do make her look older, but they are really adorable too.

    I think the van story is funny. I’m glad you got to go out and have fun with your husband. That is so important.

    I will be praying for Angie and her son.

  4. erin,
    i love you. really.
    may God show you Who He is, and expand your faith in Him (i know He will, it’s His way).

    your girl is adorable!
    if i ever get to iowa i would choose to munch on her over the corn…and i do love me some cobbs of corn! but i have a feeling i’d love me some real “cobbs” more.

  5. prayers for xander & angie. what a tough road… and continued prayers for your whirling twirling heart.

    i am just trying to picture your street- ick! we always have torn up roads here… but our good news is that after 6 or so years, i can finally make a left turn out of my neighborhood again! yahoo!!!

    squeezy’s glasses are cute 🙂 zenni?

    i really wanna do a progressive dinner… can you come drive for me???

  6. Definitely will be praying for Xander. Makes my heart heavy to imagine a mom going through such a horrible time. Puts all my little woes into perspective.

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