Coffee on a Rainy Tuesday

Good morning! I’m so glad you could stop by for some caffeinated goodness (or decaffeinated goodness, if that’s how you roll). Today, you should be glad this is only virtual coffee, because if you actually had to come over you’d be running through pouring rain and bitter cold winds. Not to mention that our street is still all torn up. I might be a little bit bitter about the roadwork situation. Possibly because, from all appearances, they have destroyed the road and have no intent of actually fixing it. (If we wanted to discuss politics, we could talk about the irony of government, who can’t even add a turn lane to a side street in an efficient and timely manner, trying to manage our health care, but I don’t discuss politics on my blog, so I think we’ll just let that one slide.)

Anyway. Yeah. The roadwork makes my blood pressure rise. So I’m glad you stopped by so you can distract me from how annoying it is.

So today after coffee I have to go to the grocery store. In the pouring rain. And did I mention it’s like 35 degrees out there? Yeah. Try not to be jealous. Normally, on such a miserable day, I’d wait, but there’s a possibility I’m going to have to report for jury duty tomorrow morning and I won’t know till 5:00 tonight. So I have to fill up the fridge and cupboards so that my family doesn’t starve in my potential absence.

Also I have to do laundry. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but I started one load and then totally forgot about it for like four hours. I am so awesome.

So, if you were really here and I wasn’t just talking to myself, we’d have to discuss our Easter plans. We don’t have anything very fancy going on. Our church has a breakfast on Sunday morning, and our family will do our little Easter egg hunt in the afternoon. We tried doing it in the morning once or twice, but we’re always so busy on a Sunday morning that it just makes more sense to do it in the afternoon. I have procured a pretty little dress for Squeezy the Easter Princess, and a pair of white sandals and a white Easter hat, which is going to be SO AWESOME if the weather stays like this. She’ll have to wear a snowsuit with her sleeveless Easter dress.

I probably won’t cook a big Easter dinner. We like our Sunday afternoons to go like this: get home from church, change into sweatpants, feed the kids sandwiches, and send everyone to their rooms for the traditional Sunday Afternoon Nap. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get a ham or something. So much depends on whether I have jury duty.

Plans are underway for the Epic 2-Year-Old Birthday Celebration of Miss Squeezy. And by plans I mean that I have purchased a couple cheap birthday presents off of and surveyed the selection of party decorations at the Dollar Tree. We believe in sparing no expense for our children’s birthdays. Snort. In all honesty, it seems silly to me to spend a ton of money on birthdays. Our kids have so many toys and so few needs. Anyway, I feel like if we keep their expectations low, they’ll always be happy with a few balloons hung from the chandelier in the dining room and a  birthday sign made by their brother that says “hapy dirthbay.” Right?

One thing I do want to do in the next few days is get some pictures of the kids. I have a picture of all three of them from spring ’09 (when Squeezy was teeny) and one from last Easter, and I’ve decided that’s a good little tradition to start. Also I need birthday pictures of my soon-to-be terrible two-year-old. I’m hoping I get off the hook for jury duty and can take all of them in their Easter gear down to the botanical center on Friday for some pictures among the plant life. Since it looks like going outside may not be feasible, thankyousomuchIowaweather.

Have I ever mentioned how cute my kids’ toes are? They are. Seriously. I have these long skinny bony toes, but all my kids inherited Art’s feet. Their toes are short and cute like little sausages. I love them. (I know. Random much?)

Anyway, my coffee is about empty, and clearly I have run out of things worth saying, and I need to get the boys started on phonics and math and spelling and handwriting and losing pencils and crying over addition, and then I need to go to the store. I am SO excited I can hardly stand it.

I hope your day is full of happiness and WAY more sunshine than mine is likely to have! 😉



4 thoughts on “Coffee on a Rainy Tuesday

  1. Isnt this weather ridiculous? My girls have adorbable sleeveless Easter dresses as well. Arg. I bought some sweaters for them with my Kohls cash and 30% off coupon yesterday because Im thinking Sunday isnt going to be a sunshiny day. I too would be bitter about my street being torn up.

  2. Ooh, jury duty. My husband’s had good experiences, but my one and only time being called was…traumatic. 😦 It all depends on the case though. Good luck!

    I hope the weather clears up a little for Sunday, and that your Easter is lovely. 🙂 I will be in an Easter bunny costume, like I am every year, so I’m sure your Easter will be less sweaty than mine. If that’s any consolation.

  3. I probably won’t do a big Easter dinner either. But today I am up to my elbows in Passoever fixins. 🙂 (My girls just love doing Passover; so much to participate in.)

  4. hahahaha…i have always wanted to be called for jury duty but really i think i would be super annoyed if i was! : ) hope you all have a nice easter and thanks so much for coffee!

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