Midnight Mother

Midnight Mother
Erin Kilmer

my heart jumps up
wrenched from sleep

a breath–
a moment–
my thoughts catch my racing heart.

you cry for me.

I shuffle grumpily
cold in my pajamas
to your room;
tuck you in,
give you Bear.

you are quiet
until the door shuts
“where Mommy go?”
you cry, and my
tired heart sighs.

back into your room,
scoop you up with
blanket and Bear.

we cuddle, all cozy,
and you smell sweet
and your cheek curves close to me
and you are my big girl
but still so small.

and my heart gives thanks
for this one midnight moment.


a Random Act of Poetry
if you would like to participate, you can link up at T. S. Poetry Press’s facebook page.


9 thoughts on “Midnight Mother

  1. Erin, I can totally identify and appreciate the poem. I try to enjoy and appreciate any time she calls. It’s hard if it’s been a long day and I’m dog tired. But I so enjoy snuggling.

  2. noah is turning 13 on monday.

    so i ditto kelly’s comment-
    “sniff, sniff…”

    cheeks curving close to me are my absolute favorite.

    when they hug me i press into those “cheeks curving close”- stealing every bit of them i can get while they are mine.

  3. Very sweet. Once when I was a young mom, an older woman in my neighborhood challenged me to enjoy those middle-of-the-night moments, as they are so fleeting. You are doing well.

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