Last Field Trip of the School Year

I love being able to surprise the kids, so today while we were eating breakfast I gave them a little surprise and told them we were going on a field trip. We loaded into the car and arrived at the Living History Farms just as they were opening.

I’ve been reading On the Banks of Plum Creek to Stinky, so I wanted to visit the farms and see the things that we’ve been reading about in real life. We had such a nice time.

Trying out some games and toys from the 19th century.

One of the big deals in On the Banks of Plum Creek is when Ma gets her new stove. So we had to check out this cookstove.

A pump is always good for a fun time.  (They had just mowed the grass here and by the time we left this house Squeezy’s feet and legs were green).

The boys loved checking out the machine shop, and the gentleman in there was so helpful and answered all their questions.

Then we went to the general store, and one of the ladies in there showed the boys how to use this old-fashioned top.

That sucker would spin for a long time if no one kicked it. Or if Squeezy didn’t come along and pick it up. Not that she would ever do something like that.

Miss Squeezy was a big fan of the little brooms.

We went to the broom works, and all the kids got the chance to try out one of the broom machines.

If my blog had sound, this next picture would sound like this (imagine a cute little toddler voice): “See da duckies? I see-ah da duckies! Oh! Da duckies dinka da wadew! Oh! Kisses! MA!”

Stinky loved checking out the ducklings and goslings too. When we came home I had the boys write about something they did at the farms. Stinky’s report said this: “at The liveen hihdree form wee Sall Babee Dux. wun uv the Dux. Sat in The wodr troof.” For those of you that don’t read kindergartener, that says “At the living history farm we saw baby ducks. One of the ducks sat in the water trough.” Note to self: next year work on spelling.

This is me. And poo. Because I am so mature.

Ooh, look! Another pump! By this time we were all hot and thirsty, so the boys enjoyed cooling off this way. And I may have been a teeny bit jealous. 😉

Anyway, we had a lot of fun on our little impromptu trip. Only three more days of school and then we’re done for the summer. Next week the boys will be chilling at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, so Squeezy and I are going to have to find some fun things to do. 🙂

Have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Last Field Trip of the School Year

  1. What a fun thing to do, surprise your kids at breakfast with a field trip! We love Living History Farm. I love all your fun pictures & Stinky’s outfit is the cutest!

  2. Fun! I love doing surprise/impromptu things with my kids :). Wish we had a place like that nearby! (p.s. time to get sound on your blog – we need to hear Squeezy’s adorable voice!)

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