Hope for the Broken

Today I am closer to the brokenness and wrongness of this life than I usually am. Most of the time I can forget that this life the way we live it is not the way we were created to live. I forget that I was created for more.


I am created to be innocent. Not just well-behaved. But innocent.

I am created to be whole and healthy. The disease that seizes my joints and fills me with pain is wrong. I was not created to live this way.

I am created for life. Life. Not this slow fall to the grave we call living. But real forever life.

I am created to be with my Creator. With Him. In His presence. Pure, clean, beautiful light that I cannot even imagine with this mind cursed and sullied by sin and death.

Each day is a gift, but the real gift comes after this– when this corruptible flesh puts on incorruptibility, when this old man is burnt away forever, when all the trappings of sin and death are destroyed and I am with my Maker, my Redeemer, my Healer.

Today the world hurts me a little bit, and it would be easy to fall into despair. But I have hope. And I cannot forget that hope.

Hope. Isn’t it a beautiful word?

I have hope because I believe that Jesus Christ died to save me from death and Hell and forever separation from Himself. Such sacrifice. Such a gift. Such hope.

Long ago, I opened my hand to receive that gift. And today, I open my hands again in praise and worship and gratitude.

Because when the world hurts and I feel broken and just wrong, I know that I have hope. And you can too, if you believe in the finished work of Christ on Calvary.

We don’t have to be broken forever.


6 thoughts on “Hope for the Broken

  1. Oh, Erin. What a beautiful post. What a wonderful reminder that we don’t have to live for the joys and the hurts of this life only. God has used you in writing this post today – thank you.

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