Summer Is Here!

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Omaha with my parents, and had a graduation ceremony for our favorite kindergarten graduate.

My mom made his hat and tassel. He was very serious about the whole event, which just added to the cuteness of it all.

Dad downloaded “Pomp and Circumstance” and played it while Stinky walked up the “aisle.” Mom cried.

He got a diploma and a balloon and a new Bible and some cake. And he maintained his unnatural solemnity through all of it. He did not become his normal silly self until we made him remove the hat and put on his pajamas. Then he magically reverted to the Stinky we’re all used to.

Anyway, the end of school and graduation and all that means that it’s officially summer here, and we’re kicking it off this week with the boys spending their week in Omaha with my folks. They’ve been to the zoo and the Lauritzen Gardens already and I’m sure they have many other fun things planned. On Friday Squeezy will be joining them and Art and I get a whole weekend all to ourselves.

But in the meantime we’ve been having fun around here having Squeezy and Mommy and Daddy time.

Yesterday we went to Reiman Gardens.

We managed to work around a busload of kindergarteners by doing the outside stuff first and then checking out the butterfly wing after they had all gone outside.

(I know this isn’t a “perfect tack-sharp” picture but I like it)

This was not the biggest moth we saw. Eek!

So I’ve been doing some fun activities with Squeezy and plan to keep up the fun and giggles next week when the boys get home. I want to blog about them but they’ll take up a lot of space so I’ve decided to make photo collages and post them all at once once a week. So I’ll do that on Saturday maybe, but today I have to post this one, which was a practice run on making the collages.

This morning Squeezy and I went to the park for a playdate with her friend A.

This is a new park that I had never been to. It has a little splash pad and then a big playground. I didn’t get very many pictures and none of them are amazing b/c the camera settings were all weird (which I didn’t realize till later). A is only a year older than Squeezy but was perfectly happy playing little mommy to her. And Squeezy was pretty willing to be mothered. I think she might miss her brothers. 🙂

Finally, I’m participating in the 30 Day Photo Fun Challenge at A Feathered Nest. At least, I’m participating until I forget about it or neglect to take pictures. Today’s assignment was a self-portrait. Here I am.

I took several pictures where I was trying to make a normal face, but I looked stupid. So I decided to just go with the stupid vibe.

Tomorrow I am supposed to take a picture of my favorite shoes. I really have no idea. I’m not much of a shoe person.

Anyway, I am so excited for summer. I’ve got so many fun things I can’t wait to do with the kids. Squeezy and I have already been having fun making projects. It’s going to be great.

Hope you’re summer is off to an awesome start!


4 thoughts on “Summer Is Here!

  1. That is a very very very large moth. Can I say “ew?” Would NOT want that fluttering into my kitchen!

    I like the self portrait… and for my favorite shoes? I think I woudl have to say my grungy slippers. Which really should never see the light of day again.

    Shoes aren’t my thing either, I guess!

  2. i love that pic of you!! what a fun series… i just might jump in! i could use some inspiration 🙂 and i have good shoes 🙂 let me kow if you wanna borrow a pair!

    the kindergarten graduation was spectacular!!! stinky? solemn? that part is still cracking me up 🙂 but i totally get the mom crying bit 🙂

    thanks for the hug today.

  3. Have I mentioned how much I want that gnome in my yard? Because I do. Also, I love the self-portrait. 🙂 Also, I think I am your exact opposite when it comes to shoes. I love them, and my favorite pair changes all the time. Sometimes, when I have money, I think about buying shoes instead of food. Just for a second. Anyway.

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