What We’ve Been Up To

This is going to be a new thing I do on my blog on Saturdays when I feel like it and remember. Mostly just an opportunity to show you what kind of stuff we’ve been doing around here, and maybe give you some ideas of fun stuff to do with your kiddos if you need to keep them busy during the summer.

So this week is a little sparse because the boys have been gone all week; in fact, the first project is actually from more than a week ago. I made sidewalk chalk paint using this recipe from The Idea Room.

This was a great activity because all three kids could do it and have fun. The only trouble was that Squeezy kept dipping her brush into the wrong colors, which made Bubs a bit frustrated. But honestly, I think sometimes things like that are good for the boys because it teaches them to be kind and patient. And they did a really good job on this day. I didn’t get a lot of good shots of their work because it was painfully sunny outside, but you can see Bubba’s beautiful sentiment on the back steps: “I love my family.” Made his mama’s day, he did.

On Tuesday, Squeezy and I made frozen banana bites. I got the idea from this recipe at (never home)maker, but I changed it up quite a bit– for one thing, hers are vegan and mine aren’t. I just used chocolate almond bark I had leftover from dipping pretzels. I made some with peanut butter and some without b/c Art is not a fan of chocolate and peanut butter mixed together. (I know. There’s something majorly wrong with him.) And I let Squeezy put some sprinkles on some of them because, well you know. Sprinkles!

These were a big hit with my husband and I’ll definitely make them again when the boys are home because I know they’d love them too. I’ve also seen them where you use half a banana and put it on a stick for more of a popsicle-type thing, but I like these smaller ones. They’re just the right size for a cool little snack.

Another little activity that Squeezy and I did this week was painting. I had never gotten the paints out for her before, and she really loved them. First I painted her hand and made a couple of handprints, and then I gave her the paintbrush and let her go to town just doing whatever made her happy.

I turned the handprints into elephants while she got her craft on. I think they turned out so cute. I am a big fan of elephants.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to. And now, my kids are gone for the weekend so I’m going to go spend some time with the very best husband in the universe. Have a great one!

7 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To

  1. You are such a fun mom. I am afraid of things that make messes…

    I adore the elephant handprints though. I might just have to try that. Is there a way to do it without paint? haha!

  2. Blargh. Blargh for comments left via phone that post before I’m ready. Anyway. I was going to say…this is why I love Pinterest. Because I learn more about you (never knew about the elephants, but I love how much you love them) and feel like an insider, and because I saw you post all these crafty things there, and then you actually did them, and I have been finding that pinterest works the same way for me too. Something about it makes me more inclined (excited even) to try the things I find/post there, maybe because it helps me remember, or because when I’m casting around for something to bake/do, I know I can go there for inspiration.

    Anyway. I blather. Have a lovely weekend, you two!

  3. great ideas. i’m certain i will be stealing them because very soon the summer “i-don’t-have-anythings-to-do” whine will be residing in my casa-de-boring.

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