Servin’ Up Summertime!

I know, right? I should be shot for that corny title.

Oh well.

Summer is officially here! The kids came home on Monday and we’ve been celebrating the summer ever since.

We stopped on our way home from picking them up to have a picnic at a park we’d never been to before. Even though it was miserably hot outside, the kids approved.

(This kid knows how to do joy more than any other person I know. It is such a blessing to be his mom.)

(I’m pretty sure this one grew about four inches during the week he was gone.)

(And she has recently learned to screech “NO! DAT MINE!” in a very shocking manner.)

(I hope he doesn’t get mad at me for posting this picture. It makes me laugh.)

Over the weekend some people down the street from us had a garage sale. When Art and I drove by on Friday, I saw a play kitchen out there. I’ve been wanting one for Squeezy but even used ones have been too expensive. Saturday we drove by and it was still there. I told him that if it was still there when we came home, we were going to stop so I could see how much it was. We came by just as she was closing up her sale, and we bought it for $5!

It just needed some cleaning, which my children were glad to provide.

And of course, after they scrubbed it, they had to rinse it . . . with the hose. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Oh, happy summertime.

Speaking of which, I just have to show you what I made. I’m very proud of it. I had been wanting to make something fun as a kind of checklist of activities to do this summer, but I hadn’t had any genius ideas. Then yesterday as I was blog-hopping I came across this Tuesday Template at DigiLovely.

And thus, the Epic Summer Checklist Page was born. I still need to print it and hang it up in the house somewhere.

(you can click on it to see it a little bigger; I don’t know how much of it you’ll be able to read though.)

Each square has one activity I want to do with the kids this summer, from simple things like finding shapes in the clouds to outings to various (cheap and free) places around our area. And I saved the layered file so as we do each thing I can put a picture in the square, and at the end of the summer we’ll have an awesome photo collage of the stuff we’ve done.

Oh squee! It just makes me happy. We’ve already done three things on the list.


Hooray for summer!


3 thoughts on “Servin’ Up Summertime!

  1. your list is terrific. you are so on the summertime ball! the last day of school for us is tomorrow. i need to get my act together. might steal your idea!

  2. looks like summer is going to be oh-so-full-of-FUN! oh, laura had that very same kitchen… a million years ago. or 15. same difference. love that you got the best deal!!!!!!

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