What We’ve Been Up To– Week Three

I’m kind of late posting this. I have a really good excuse for that, as well as for the general silence on my blog this week. The kids and I spent the week in Omaha, helping my parents’ church with their VBS, and we just got back this afternoon. It’s so nice to be home with my wonderful guy. I have missed him so much!

Last weekend, knowing we’d be all separated and sad for the week, we tried to do a lot of fun stuff as a family. Including . . .

Face painting!

And an Epic Family Marshmallow Battle!

I got the idea for the marshmallow poppers from here, although I didn’t actually follow their instructions. I just kind of looked at the picture and we made them based on that. We did have to staple the balloons onto the cups to get them to stay. It was serious fun.

And of course there was the Family Eating of the Chocolate.

Always a good activity for family bonding, I think.

Monday I drove with the kids to Omaha and we spent the week there. We were really busy and I didn’t get a ton of pictures taken, but on Tuesday (Flag Day) we did make these awesome glittery-flag things.

The kids drew using blue and red crayons and then we painted over their drawings with thinned glue and sprinkled it all with glitter. Bubs’ is the one above and I think it turned out the best of all of them.

Wednesday night the boys made pizzas with my mom.

And Thursday night at Vacation Bible School the kids got to sit in a real race car! Thanks to my dad for these pictures . . .

Yesterday and today were kind of tough days. My parents’ house is in danger of flooding as the Missouri River continues to rise. My mom and I spent a few hours yesterday packing up some precious belongings to move to higher ground. And today we loaded a bunch of stuff into the back of the van so I could bring it here. If you think of it, will you pray for my parents and their church? They are protected by the levee near Eppley Airfield, and while the city is working really hard to keep the water away from the airport, if the levee breaks my parents’ entire neighborhood will be filled with 6-8 feet of water. The stress on the levee is not expected to ease until at least the fall. It’s a scary way to be living. You can see pictures (not taken by me, obviously) of the flooding along the Missouri River here.

So, all in all, it’s been a busy and exhausting and good and difficult and fun and bittersweet kind of week. I’m very excited to look at my calendar for the week ahead and see only a piano lesson for Bubs on there. A little bit of boredom sounds entirely delightful.



4 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To– Week Three

  1. Erin will pray for your parents. Kind of in the same boat here on the otherside in the Twin City area.
    Sally May

  2. Oh so not good about your parents house! I’ll be praying for them whenever I think about it. Looks like youve been having a fun summer so far! Debbi and I are going to the splash park possibly on Thursday. You should bring your kiddos and meet us there.

  3. first, face painting! what a great idea. i am SO going to do that with my nephews this week…they will LOVE it!

    i considered making flag windsocks on flag day, but i sang in a wedding that day (yeah a tuesday). i got home and discovered my top had been on inside out the entire time!! so i was feeling too awesome (right) to windsock.

    oh, i’m so sorry about the flooding. how tragic for the people affected. i am glad your parents were able to send valuable with you… still that has to be ??? i don’t even know. how do you sleep? my nerves would be on edge. i would be on edge from day to day… ughhh. may God give them peace, may they hope in Him, and may God be merciful to them all! in Jesus, amen.

    now enjoy some boredom!
    {boredom and i are good friends, let me know if you need any tips}.

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