The Fun Never Stops

We’ve had a busy week around here. Not the crazy kind of busy like the last few weeks have been, but the fun kind of busy where we get to hang out and be awesome as a family. Today was chilly (the high was supposed to be 64), cloudy, and windy– but not rainy! So we went to the lake.

We climbed down a kind of scaryish path (especially since Art was carrying Squeezy), and were rewarded with sand and rocks and much to be explored.

I introduced Squeezy to the wonderful joy that is damp sand. It didn’t take her long to figure out all about it.

Meanwhile the boys were busy exploring the tracks that rainwater has made running down the hill into the lake, and the tracks of a variety of animals.

And Art and I did what we always do, which is take pictures of ourselves.

It was kind of windy. Did I mention that?

Also, someone discovered a pit.

And someone else discovered the joys of throwing sand.

(I simply adore that picture. Can you blame me? It’s just joy.)

We also walked down to the butterfly garden and took a neato family picture.

We didn’t see any butterflies in the butterfly garden. It’s kind of early in the season and anyway it was cold. We’ll go back in August, which is peak season.

It was a good day. And I leave you with this picture.

(which totally should not have my watermark on it b/c Art took it. I’m such a jerk.) I just think this is such a beautiful shot.

Have a happy!


4 thoughts on “The Fun Never Stops

  1. I couldn’t help but notice that several of my pictures I took have your watermark on them. Isn’t this some sort of copy write infringement?

  2. (Is this a new WordPress comment thingy, or did I just clean out my cookies and forget I had to do all this stuff? The important questions I ponder in my day…)

    Cute. You all are cute. 🙂 Don’t stop being cute! And taking pictures! And posting them! And copyright infringing, and all the other wonderful things you do. 😉 (this comment brought to you by emoticons and general Friday morning lunacy)

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