What We’ve Been Up To, Week 4

We’ve had such a good week of just busy fun summer goodness. This post should really be called “Our Mom Rocks.” Anyway, we’ve been busy so this is going to be a long one. Thankfully the kids are cute, right? Here’s some of what we’ve been up to this week.

The kids played with shaving cream.

The boys made and ate fruit skewers.

We made egg carton turtle magnets, thanks to this idea from Crafty-Crafted. (Squeezy made one but I have discovered she much prefers painting on paper than on random objects I place in front of her. So usually the paper I put under her work to protect the table ends up much more colorful than whatever she’s supposed to be painting.)

We decorated t-shirts using bleach pens. I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought it was really cool and we simply had to try it. The kids drew on their shirts using chalk (except Squeezy, who informed me she wanted a heart), and then I traced over them with the bleach pen. We let them set too long trying to get more contrast and so the bleach bled out into the fabric some, especially on Stinky’s. But the kids are pretty happy with their creations, in spite of the morose look on Stinky’s face.

(Another thing that happened this week is Stinky broke his glasses.)

We made a star garland to decorate for the Fourth of July. The boys traced a star cookie cutter onto cereal box cardboard and cut it out, then used it as a stencil to make a bunch of red, white, and blue cardstock stars. I punched holes in the corners and threaded the stars on a long piece of string. Squeezy helped too, by handing me stars. I’ve been working on colors with her, so it was a good chance for review. Although she thinks pretty much everything is pink.

The kids made craft stick flags. They painted the sticks red, white, and blue, and once the paint had dried I assembled them and then they added dots of glue and glitter for the stars.

(You can tell which one is Squeezy’s because she pretty much refused to paint after the first couple sticks.)

We had a thoroughly beautiful day yesterday, so I sent the kids outside to play. After awhile I took out a dishpan of cornstarch and water and let them go crazy. And crazy they did go, with joy.

Today it’s supposed to rain all day, which is probably a good thing because the backyard and driveway are pretty much coated in cornstarch. So hooray for nature cleaning up the mess for me!

During our trip to the lake on Thursday, I collected some sticks and had the boys pick up some small white rocks. Yesterday we made them into a flag. I got the idea from here, although I changed it up quite a bit. We didn’t paint the sticks (we decided we wanted a more natural look), and I just used a piece of foam core board I got from the Dollar Tree. The paint warped it some but, well, whatever. I used hot glue to attach the sticks and the boys put the rocks on with tacky glue.

It really looks better in real life, because the color in this picture is a bit off.

For lunch on Friday I threaded spaghetti noodles through hot dog slices and then cooked them. I told the kids they were Alien Squids. I thought this was just so entirely revolting, but the kids were big fans of the Alien Squids and came up with all kinds of fun back story for them. Including the fascinating fact that Stinky’s stomach is apparently a transporter device which sent the Alien Squids back to their home planet.

(Bubs bought the magic top hat at the Dollar Tree the other day and has been randomly wearing it all around the house.)

Well, that was our week. Except there were actually other parts, like when I bought the boys both secondhand bikes and took them over to the college and they both figured out how to ride within twenty minutes. I had no idea they’d figure it out so quickly so I didn’t have the camera. But I’m pretty proud of them. And I have a few other projects that we’ve started but haven’t finished yet, so I’ll be sure to share those soon.

It’s been a good week. I’ve heard “I’m bored” exactly zero times. We’ve had a nice blend of the kids entertaining themselves and me entertaining them and it’s just been good all around. Yay for summer.


2 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To, Week 4

  1. i am SO stealing some of your ideas for this week…star garland here my kids come!!!

    we have had a combo of me creating entertainment for the kids and them creating their own entertainment. it’s been great! no “i’m boreds” here either. phew!

    thanks for the inspiration!

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