1. His chin. Of course.

2. The way he makes me laugh every single day.

3. His love for me, even though I am so unlovable.

4. His constant desire to be the best husband, father, student, employee, and boss he can be.

5. The way he laughs at my jokes.

6. How our hands fit together.

7. How he still wants to hold my hand after all these years.

8. The brand-new gray hairs at his temples.

9. The jokes he tells over and over.

10. The way he is wrapped around his little girl’s finger.

11. His hard work, every single day, even when he seems unappreciated.

12. His love for the Lord and desire to serve Him.

13. The safe place I find in his arms.

14. How ticklish he is.

15. The joy I have in facing life with him.

16. The way he gets all mushy during romantic movies.

17. His love of Charles Dickens.

18. His shoulders.

19. The beautiful pictures he takes.

20. The way that even when he is so busy with school, he always makes time for us.

21. The crinkles around his eyes.

22. His amazing pizza-doctoring, ice-cream-sundae-concocting, and coffee-brewing skills.

23. The way our priorities line up.

24. His evolving musical tastes.

25. The way it feels when he puts his arm around my shoulders in church.

26. The face he makes when he drinks coffee.

27. The multitude of ways he meets my needs.

28. His knowledge of random movie trivia.

29. The way he rubs my back every night.

30. How he makes our family a priority, even though sometimes it means a trip to the park.

31. His humility.

32. The fact that we can go from deep, intelligent theological discussions to laughing at our own stupid jokes in an instant.

33. Knowing that, in thirty-three more years, finding 66 things to love about him won’t be a challenge at all.

Happy birthday to my amazing, wonderful husband. Thank you for being who you are, for working so hard, and for loving me in spite of myself.

I am proud to be your wife. And joyful to get to grow a year older with you.


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