Unleashing My Inner ArTEEST

I recently started doing something new in Photoshop Elements– new to me anyway– called art journaling. Lots of people create beautiful art journals using traditional mediums like paint and stamps and collage papers, but since I don’t know how to do any of that stuff and don’t have anywhere to do it even if I did, I have been doing it digitally.

It’s so much fun! And it makes me feel very artistic.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my work because it makes me happy.

Click on any of the images to see a slightly larger version.

This one was for a challenge to make an “art doll.” I had never done anything like this at all and it was definitely a challenge. But it was fun.

This one I just made for fun.

This next one was also for a challenge to use typography. I struggled a lot with this but finally went for the collage look. The words on the big e are from a poem I wrote last year.

Another just for fun one.

This is the last for today. I made it just this morning. The quote is from a poem I wrote last summer.

This art journaling thing has been so much fun for me. It’s different from scrapbooking, but similar enough that I can use many of the same digital supplies and techniques. And I’m learning so much about Elements! It’s just fun to discover that the artistic/creative side of me isn’t limited to writing. And that even if I have absolutely no hand-eye coordination or ability to draw or anything, I can still use my mad mouse skills to create beautiful things.

It’s good. It’s been therapy for me this summer.

Thanks for stopping by. This afternoon we’re going to fingerpaint, which I’m sure will yield some awesome pics for the blog!


8 thoughts on “Unleashing My Inner ArTEEST

  1. Those are great, Erin! I’m pretty sure your newspaper print in the forks must have come from an Iowa newspaper, though – the first 2 things to jump out at me were DEKALB and FFA 🙂

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