First Day of School in Pictures

Bubs on his first day of 3rd Grade.

Stinky my big First Grader

Hopefully this is the last year that Art has to hold numbers. He graduates this spring! (My little Artie is all grown up!)

The whole family. Every picture had Squeezy with her fiinger up her nose. I guess that's how she rolls.

We take education very seriously around here. (Notice that Art isn't making a goofy face. He is studying to be a *minister*. Ministers do not act ridiculous. Ahem.)


4 thoughts on “First Day of School in Pictures

  1. i just love these pictures… first day of school pics are fun, but your are the BEST, hands down. the last year for art’s letters, huh? wow!! he will be mised. i hope you let him still be in the picture! so… has mr. serious told you there is a minister’s wife class yet?! i remember my friend going to one and telling me how it was serious business!! better start working on YOUR serious face!!! but don’t let it freeze that way cuz i LOVE the goofy. really, i do. xoxo

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