A Bit of YUM

I decided to add a cooking project to our lesson plans for Fridays, as kind of a reward for surviving a week of school. A lovely friend from church gave me a Taste of Home Cooking with Kids magazine (Thanks, Donna!), which the kids have loved looking through, and I found a couple recipes in there that they could follow.

So this past Friday, Bubs read the recipe and we talked about the ingredients and the process to make these yummy chocolate graham cracker bars.

The boys arranged 8 whole graham crackers on a cookie sheet. I lined it with foil, but I would not recommend doing that, because they stuck REALLY BAD.

They measured one one cup of marshmallows and 1/2 cup of semisweet chocolate chips.

And then they carefully (very carefully, it took them sweet forever and I was losing patience, I’m not going to lie) arranged the marshmallows and chocolate chips on the graham crackers.

Then they drizzled caramel syrup all over the crackers.

I put them in the oven, which was the only part the kids didn’t do, and when they came out we had delicious gooey chocolatey marshmallowey caramelly goodness. That was all stuck to the foil.

Strangely enough, the boys soldiered on and picked the foil bits off their treats.

In fact, the extra aluminum flavoring didn’t seem to bother them at all!



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