I’m Having Coffee . . . Care to Join Me?

I wish you could really come over and sit with me for coffee today. Of course, if you did that I’d have to change into real clothes instead of pajamas. And you’d have to promise to ignore the mess. I haven’t quite figured out how to balance homeschooling with everything else yet. Not sure I ever will. I’m pretty much at peace with a messy house, for the most part.

The kids are all asleep still this morning, In half an hour I have to get them up so we can get our day started. So much to do! Normally homeschool moms do not wake up their kids at a certain time, but today I have to go to work at ten, and I want to have a bunch of schoolwork done before that. So we need to get started around eight.

I’m trying to think of what we did last week that didn’t have to do with school, because I’m sure that some of you darlings are getting sick of hearing me go on and on about it. The problem is that school is kind of my life right now. 🙂

Saturday night we did go to the seminary picnic at the school where Art works and is a student. He is the seminary body vice president this year, so we actually had to go and be social. It was fun, even though I couldn’t wear my pajama pants. Sometimes I think that my view of pajama pants borders on obsession. I do love them so. Anyway, we went to the picnic and ate many delicious pieces of grilled meat and way too much dessert, and the kids played on the playground while we socialized. It’s nice to be around other seminary wives occasionally. I can start to feel like I’m the only person in the world dealing with the craziness of life with a husband in school. Art has started a countdown. Only 248 days left till graduation!

Here Squeezy and I are, chowing down at the picnic.

I believe she had just taken a sippy-cup swig of lemonade, hence the funny face. As for my funny face, well, you know, that’s just me. 😉

In other news, I have decided to let my gray hair grow out. I might change my mind. But right now I’m letting it grow and just seeing how I like it. It’s going to be very different. I’ve been dyeing my hair now for probably six years, and in that time it has grayed considerably. I’m just really tired of the whole dyeing process; my hair doesn’t take dye well anyway so it always turns brassy and I’m always dealing with roots. I was thinking of that verse in Proverbs that says that gray hair is a crown to the aged, and I decided that if God wanted to crown me early, who was I to complain? 🙂

My sister has let hers grow in and it looks really pretty on her, I think. But hers is totally different than mine. She has really dark hair with some silvery strands. I don’t think mine is going to look that pretty. We’ll see.

Speaking of my sister, she lives in Spain now, and the time difference is making it very difficult to randomly chat with her on gmail throughout the day. Which means that I don’t often have the excuse to sit on my bum and chat with her, so I have to get up and do housework and other distasteful things. I do not approve.

This is me and my mom and sister and all the little girls at our family reunion earlier this month. We were supervising pool time and then it started to sprinkle so we got umbrellas. Laura got the bigger umbrella because my parents have always loved her more. It’s my cross to bear. 😉

And now my clock says 7:28, which means I must be getting my little angels up to start another day. Today we’re learning about the ice age, playing math games on the computer, and practicing our colors in Spanish, so that when my sister’s kids come home from Spain we can at least understand %.002 of what they say. 🙂

Have a great day! Thanks for sharing coffee with me today!



7 thoughts on “I’m Having Coffee . . . Care to Join Me?

  1. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed my cup of ice water while reading!

    Yeah for letting the gray grow out. . . I’m kinda fond of mine and definitely enjoy not having to cover the roots every 6 weeks!

  2. The other day I walked past a window and saw something glinting, and I thought, “What’s that sparkle?” Then I realized it was my gray hair, which is not really gray but more like a shocking silvery-white. Hah.

  3. Don’t worry about the PJ’s and messy house…I’d feel right at home. Trust me. I say go for it with the new hair do…My sister in law started turning gray in her late 30’s and just went with it.

    Thanks for coffee.

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