Some More Digital Artistry

Just for fun . . . more pages from my digital art journal. You can click on them to see a bigger version.

A few people have asked how I do these. There’s no easy answer to that, because if you’re not familiar with Photoshop you’d really have to learn the basics. If you’re really interested in learning how to do it, you might want to take an online class in using Photoshop or Elements for scrapbooking. Basically so much of using Photoshop is just playing around and picking up new information here and there.

One thing I did when I was first getting used to using Elements was to try out pretty much every single online tutorial I found. There’s tons out there. Even if I wasn’t a huge fan of the finished product, doing this taught me a ton of stuff about using Elements.

Most of the papers and elements I use to make these pages are from free digital scrapbooking downloads. Sometimes I get fancy and use brushes and shapes to make my own backgrounds.  And sometimes I download random images from the interwebs.

Most of them turn out completely different than what I originally had in mind.

The adventure one I also made in more “boyish” colors. I’m planning to print and frame it and hang it in our homeschool dungeon room.

Most of my favorite places for inspiration are actually websites about traditional art journaling; we digital art journalers are a rare breed at this point. I subscribe to Daisy Yellow, whose art journaling prompts have really given me a lot of great ideas. (She also inspired the “think outside the box” page). I also subscribe to The Kathryn Wheel. She has lots of beautiful stuff on her blog.

I also have a couple of boards on Pinterest about art journaling– one board for stuff that just inspires me (usually quotes), and another for actual art journal pages that I like.

One more place I keep going back to is Kuler, where you can make your own color combinations based on different rules of color. I usually take a screen shot and then open it in elements, so I can just use my eyedropper tool to use that color.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, to get my signature on my art journal pages I wrote it on a piece of white paper with a black pen, took a picture of it, adjusted the colors and the lighting levels to make it really contrasty, and then deleted all the white and saved it as a .png file.

Hope this answers some of your questions . . . and I hope it inspires you to be artistic somehow today! 🙂


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