Virtual Coffee on a Fall Afternoon

I’m having some virtual coffee this afternoon. Care to join me? I am really just totally inspired to sit down and have a big old gabfest and tell you what’s up with our life. Like for example, our washing machine broke last Wednesday and we can’t get the water to drain from it. So the laundry room’s getting a bit ripe. Art’s picking up some rubber gloves so we can bail it out this evening. We live the glamorous life, we do.

Also, our air conditioner randomly spewed a bunch of water all over the floor in said laundry room, causing the carpet to mold. My wonderful guy pulled it all up this morning and mopped  it with vinegar. I might attack it with bleach too. Because, ew.

We had a really good weekend in spite of all the ew. Saturday was rainy and it’s possible I stayed in my jammies all day long. Until the evening. After we put the kids to bed, Art and I had an at-home date night. We pulled out the kids’ watercolor paint set and had some fun painting and drawing and being artistic. It was a fun cheap date. It would have been better with cookies. Obviously I didn’t plan well.

Sunday Art preached at a church up north of us. He did a good job. It was the first Communion service he’d preached in nearly ten years, and he did great. The church gave us lunch afterwards, and Bubs has been talking about the baked ziti with adoration ever since. Also, there were brownies. With caramel in them. YUM.

Yesterday we slept in and woke up to sixty degrees. AWESOME. We met my parents for lunch and had some bonding time at a state park. It was so enjoyable. Squeezy climbed a tree. And by that I mean that I put her in a tree and she sat there looking very proud of herself and saying “NO!” whenever we asked her if she wanted to get down.

That face is her “aren’t I cute and adorable?” face.

Also. See this hoodie?

Cute, huh? Little girl was NOT okay with that hoodie. She got over it. But she threw a ROYAL FIT when I tried to put it on her yesterday. My theory is that it isn’t pink, purple, sparkly, or shiny enough for her. Because see those new shoes in the bottom of the picture? They are shiny and have flowers and are pink and purple. Those shoes made everything okay. Apparently they rectified the wrong that was the army green hoodie.

I think she may be a girly girl.

Today I have a busy day. We did some school this morning, then Stinky and I went to work for awhile, then we had lunch. Now it’s quiet time but not for much longer. We have quite a bit of cleaning to do, thanks to the basement of fail and the washing machine requiring a repairman to visit said basement. Also the pots and pans in my kitchen are threatening to take over the world. Then we have to go grocery shopping. And we still have a few little school-related things to do, but mostly fun things.

I promised the boys ice cream if they would clean without fighting or whining and behave at the grocery store. We’ll see how they do. Maybe it’s terrible to bribe them like that, but it’s a lot to ask of them (I need a LOT of help in the basement, and they HATE grocery shopping), so I feel if they make it through with sweetness and light we all deserve a treat. 🙂

I am SUPER excited because next weekend is the ANNUAL GARAGE SALE that my mom and I always go to in Nebraska. It’s EPIC. It’s a hospital benefit and it’s absolutely huge. It uses all the barns and buildings on a county fairground. One whole huge building just for women’s clothes. Seriously. I look forward to it all summer long. Can’t. Wait.

I am a bit of a garage sale fiend. And I have NOT gotten to enough sales this year. So I’m excited.

And with that, I am afraid our afternoon coffee must end. I have cookie sheets to wash. And a shopping list to write. And a basement to clean.

Try not to be jealous! 😉


One thought on “Virtual Coffee on a Fall Afternoon

  1. I heard if you mix amonia and vinegar it helps with mold. I cant remember how much of each but I can find out if your interested in knowing. Just message me on FB.

    I love the little girls hoodie, its really cute and looks cute on her. Even if she doesnt like it :o)

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