Coffee Time!

Good morning! It’s time for virtual coffee, and I’m so glad you stopped by. I have some yummy banana bread to go with your coffee today. Although the coffee might not be as good as usual this morning, since I made it. Usually Art does. Yum.

If you stopped by today we’d have to talk about fall and how excited I am for it to be here. I’m hoping that I’ll have time to do a little fall decorating over the next few days. I still have my 4th of July decorations up on my door. How embarrassing is that? I told myself it was for Patriot Day, but now that that’s over I really have no excuse. So that needs to be changed.

In case you were wondering about the continuing saga with our washing machine, because I know you probably have been losing lots of sleep over it, our washer is still broken. Friday a gentleman from church came over and spent more than two hours trying to get it working. He got it going, but it did one load and then halfway through the second load it started smoking again. So that was that. Then Saturday Art did a bunch of laundry at the laundromat and brought it home to dry and the dryer died. You can’t make this stuff up.

Which explains why Sunday morning at 8:30 I was blow-drying a pair of red ruffled bloomers.

Thankfully we actually had two dryers– the one that was here when we moved in (the previous tenants left it), and the one we owned before that. When we moved we decided it was just easier to leave the dryer in the laundry room plugged in and use it, but Sunday afternoon Art was able to switch them out. So we have a running dryer, and actually, it is working much better than the other one has been for awhile now.

We still don’t have a washing machine, but some wonderful friends said we can use theirs. And this weekend we’re going to my mom’s house. I’m sure she won’t mind if we bring ten loads of wash. It’ll be just like old times.

Seriously, though, we’re going to my folks’ house this weekend because it’s Big Epic Garage Sale Weekend of Happiness. I can’t wait. I have a list going on my fridge of all the random little things I want for my kitchen. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find one or two of them.

I posted on Facebook yesterday about Squeezy’s latest way to drive Mommy completely and utterly insane. It’s like this:

“Whadda makin’ Mommy?”

There is no acceptable answer to this question. Some things I’ve tried include telling the truth (“I’m making coffee, Squeezy”), giving a ridiculous answer (“I’m making an airplane, Squeezy”), asking her what she’s doing, and ignoring the question and trying to distract her with something shiny. Nothing works. She will ask “Whadda makin’ Mommy” or “Whadda makin’ Mom” over and over and over again until I start to twitch.

Then she knows her job is done and she’ll go outside and play in the dirt or try to ride her brothers’ bikes or whatever it is she does out there.

Three minutes later . . .

“Whadda makin’ Mommy?”

She’s going to be so much fun when she learns to ask why.

It’s kind of hard to believe that these boys couldn’t ride a bike a few months ago, huh? They’re pros at it now.

Of course, now they want to take their bikes everywhere we go.

Poor little things. Usually they’re stuck riding them around our backyard.

Friday night they got to ride them at the park. They thought that was pretty awesome.

And now, my coffee is gone and my kids are up and a day of school and work and life beckons, so I must say goodbye. Hope your day is wonderful!

(Art just got up and came downstairs and I told him there was coffee. He said he’s just going to make another pot because “when I got close to it it kind of didn’t smell good.” Told you he makes better coffee than I do! I just put enough creamer in mine that I can’t taste it anyway!)


2 thoughts on “Coffee Time!

  1. i make horrible coffee too, but it doesn’t matter because i take coffee with creamer.

    my kids got to ride their bikes around the neighborhood (because we are currently in a neighborhood. our house wasn’t in a neighborhood).
    they are learning biking rules. it’s interesting that they are 13 and 12 and don’t know simple biking rules. didn’t need them when they rode circles around our house. fun times.

    your girl is too cute.

  2. It’s funny what we take for granted until we don’t have it any more. Three loads of laundry a day – no problem! IF the washing machine isn’t broken. If it’s broken it’s a disaster! My heart goes out to you, at least you have half the team working (dryer) and a fresh pot of coffee!

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