Breathe Free, Tin Man

Breathe Free, Tin Man
Erin Kilmer

I am not the Tin Man,
who rusted stiff with every tear,
who feared the rain and the morning dew,
dependent on another to loosen frozen joints
every time he blundered into a puddle.

I am not the Tin Man.
Let the tears flow, let the rain pour,
And I will dance in the dew
And jump in puddles and laugh,
For the flow of water does not rust me solid,
but loosens my tightly-wound soul
so I may breathe free.


Inspired by this month’s Photoplay and and poetry prompt at High Calling Blogs.


6 thoughts on “Breathe Free, Tin Man

  1. love.

    i need tears. for me they are like labor. sometimes i need to labor through something, give birth to it. so that my tightly-wound soul can breath free again too.

    thank you for permission.

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