The day is cool and clear, and the golden rainbow of leaves against the brilliantly blue sky are the perfect backdrop for a fall memory or two. We are walking along the path next to the river– two boys and me. We have been searching for pine cones and acorns and sticks shaped like guns (a new obsession for my pirate-loving darlings), but now we’re just walking.

Well, technically I am walking. They are scampering, skipping, running, chasing. They are boys in the fall after all. And they are not weighed down with their mother’s painful joints or sense of propriety.

It’s all right though. I’m okay today being behind them, watching them as the interact along the path by the water under that shining sky and those warm-hued leaves.

They are my miracle, and every day I fear I am teaching them wrong or not enough, and every day I doubt myself and question each choice I make on their behalf.

But then I am given a moment like this– just a moment before they come rushing back to me full of tales of squirrels and spider webs and races run– and I am at peace for that moment. Because they are joy, and the sky is smiling at us, and the river laughs as it slips by, and the leaves rub their crackled hands together in applause at the beauty of life.

And all I can really do is smile and laugh and clap along with them.

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  1. Love this….literally taking a step back to sneak a peek. As moms we should allow ourselves more moments like this to really appreciate all that is right instead of beating ourselves up. Glad you had this time.

  2. I love lingering behind my kids while we walk. They scamper, just like you described, running ahead and then pausing to explore and investigate things, and then dashing off and chasing each other. They’re so exuberant and SO easily distracted it’s a wonder we ever get anywhere, but walking with my girls always makes me happy. Great Bigger Picture!

  3. They are indeed our miracles, our joy, as you said so well. Don’t you love how the Lord uses our children to draw us in to the center, to the things that matter, as we age and seem to be more threatened by distractions? Wonderful Bigger Picture Moment, Erin!

  4. Such a beautiful moment, Erin. I wonder if all of us mothers feel that way — like we’re not teaching enough or we’re not doing enough. I know I do. And I love and am so thankful for those moments of peace.

  5. It’s scary being in charge of these little lives, but I think most if not all moms doubt themselves just about every day. Glad you could savor that beautiful moment with your boys!

  6. “Because they are joy, and the sky is smiling at us, and the river laughs as it slips by, and the leaves rub their crackled hands together in applause at the beauty of life.”

    Beautiful! I can tell we both came from the Montgomery school of composition…. 🙂

  7. I know moments like these. The doubting. I try to remember that they have work to do in their lives too, that I can’t give them everything they need, nor should I try. It comforts me to remember… they have a life to live outside of me.

  8. This is a beautiful simple moment and the stuff of life is these. Miracles indeed.

    Your comment over at my place recently made me smile (Hi, honey!). Love that this is part of your memories. All beautiful miracles.

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