Speaking of Fractions on the Weekend . . .

I decided today to write some poetry. I’ve been trying to write more, and I was inspired by L.L. Barkat’s prompt at Tweetspeak Poetry. Her challenge was to create a bowl of fortunes and use them as prompts for poetry, but I am lazy and really wanted to be a bit more random. So instead, I used a random word generator to give me a word, which I then used as a starting place for a poem.

They’re nothing overly special, but I am going to post them anyway, because, well, that’s how I roll. And if poetry’s not your thing, well, I promise to post pictures of a birthday party very, very soon. (Although I do think you should read them. The last one is a sonnet. It’s an ode to the weekend; what could be more fun?)


words fall
all around
flowing from
childish lips
until my
own words
are lost
until I listen
to what they
say and
realize that
their words
are just
of my own.



I know I see only
a fraction–
the tiniest little piece–
of You and Your
I kick and scream
wanting to know more
but then I realize
just a fraction
of You
is infinitely better than




This Weekend’s drawing rapidly to close,
Though I’m not ready for the week ahead;
My lesson plans aren’t ready to be read.
I have no wish for Weekday to impose.

But Sunday can only last another hour:
Midnight must strike, with Monday coming ’round
Ready or not, the new week’s gaining ground;
Against the speed of time I have no power.

And so I sit here writing lesson plans,
Though yawns threaten to split my face in two,
It’s my own fault I have this work to do
As Weekend slips like water through my hands.

Oh, Monday, how you mock me with your smile;
I wish Weekend could linger for awhile.


(So yeah, I totally wrote a poem about the weekend and not having my plans for the week done instead of writing my plans. I’m such a slacker. I’m going to bed now, too, without them done. I guess I’ll be in for an early morning . . . but at least I wrote some poetry, right? A girl’s gotta have her priorities.)

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Fractions on the Weekend . . .

  1. “Fraction” is *perfect*. I totally relate with the kicking and screaming part. πŸ™‚ But these lines are my favorite:
    “but then I realize
    just a fraction
    of You
    is infinitely better than

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