You should really spend time reading God’s Word every day, you know.

You should pray too. For your husband and your children and your marriage and yourself and your church and the missionaries and the orphans and widows and your friends and the homeless.

You should strive to keep your house livably clean, at the very least, and you should make your bed every morning.

You should work out some kind of system to teach your kids to do chores.

You should cook nutritious meals every day, from scratch.

Really, you should have a garden and where you grow your own vegetables, and you should shop at a farmer’s market and buy only locally grown organic food.

You should choose your clothes the night before, but not until after you have cleaned the kitchen and tidied up the rest of the house.

You should spend time with your spouse.

You should spend time with your kids.

You should spend time with your girlfriends.

You should spend time as a family.

You should spend time at church and spend time volunteering.

You should exercise daily and eat healthily and drink lots of water every day.

You should read books that nurture your soul, and you should be creative and paint or sew or write or remake old furniture.

You should take pictures of your family and display them beautifully in your home.

In fact, your whole home should be beautiful, because you should read decorating blogs and use spray paint and thrifted fabric and a glue gun to remake everything that is ugly in your home into something beautiful.

You should also do this with your clothing.

You should brush your teeth and wash your face and moisturize before bed every night, and you should wear sunscreen every morning, even if you’re not going to walk outside at all, just in case.

Also you should do your hair and makeup and get dressed in your cutest clothes, even if you don’t plan to leave the house today.

You should fold your laundry and put it away.

You should scrub your bathtub and your toilets long before they get aromatic or ringed. You should clean them using only green products you make yourself.

You should cook once a month for the freezer, and you should use your crock pot to have warm, delicious meals ready for your family each night.

You should probably home school, and under no circumstances should you settle for any curriculum except one that you have chosen every single element of by hand.

You should take your kids to sports and dance and church activities and music lessons, and you should be mindful not to overschedule them.

You should use cloth diapers made of organic cotton and bought from a small American business.

You should keep yourself looking beautiful for your husband, but remember that charm is deceitful and beauty is vain.

You should be sure the house is clean and dinner is ready and you are waiting at the door for your husband the instant he gets home from work.

You should make sure your kids know Latin and take art classes and play soccer and you should definitely make sure they have lots of free time just to be kids and play.

You should join a book club and a Bible study and the community chorus and the PTA.

You should make a budget and stick to it, and build up your savings and use coupons and drive old cars and shop sales.

You should make gifts for everyone you know, and your kids’ Halloween costumes and Valentines and birthday cakes should always be handmade by you.

You should run a business from your home and you should use the money to help the underprivileged and you should, always and every night without fail, get eight hours of sleep every night.

And you should smile more.

I wonder why you don’t.


10 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Oh, my word. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post! And I love the comment above about “shoulding” on yourself.

    And then we add that we should blog or scrapbook about all the things we should be doing. Hmmm. A lot of food for thought in your words here!

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