Dust off the Blog and Deck the Halls

Yeah. It’s been a long time. I just have been uninspired, yanno? But it’s officially Christmastime so I think maybe that requires me to clear the cobwebs out of the corners of this blog and post some merriment. Like say for example– pictures of us trimming the tree!!! Woot woot!

Art got the tree out yesterday afternoon and the minute he brought it upstairs Squeezy started running around the house yelling “REJOICE REJOICE!” And then, once he had it all put together, he put lights on it!!!

She was a happy little girl. I simply love Christmas when they’re two. It’s all such an exciting adventure for them.

While we were waiting for Art to get the lights on and the tree fluffed to his liking, I posed the kids for this picture. The impish look on Squeezy’s face cracks. me. up.

Once the lights and the fluffing were complete, it was time for decorating!

I pulled ornaments out of the boxes while the kids flung them on the tree with wild abandon. After they went to bed Art fixed the huge clump Squeezy had created at her eye level.

“See Dad? This one has my name on it!”

And we will not talk about how when I told this boy to put something up high, he put it up near the top of the tree.

The grand finale, of course, is the snowman tree topper!

Then we turned the lights all off in order to truly enjoy the magnificence and glory of lighting our tree.

(You might want to turn your volume down. Especially near the end.)

(No, really. Shrillness is apparently one of my gifts.)

In case you wondered, Squeezy did end our song with a jolly “Bork, Bork!” We do love the Swedish chef around here, but I’m not sure what he has to do with Christmas trees.

And then, before our night of fierce fun and excitement was over, we had to indulge in that yearly tradition called “Getting a Terrible Picture of the Children in Front of the Christmas Tree.”

I’m kind of disappointed that it didn’t really turn out that badly.

Christmastime is HERE!




5 thoughts on “Dust off the Blog and Deck the Halls

  1. Hurrah for cobwebs being cleared, adorable little girls singing/saying “rejoice,” Swedish chefs, the traditional “terrible picture in front of tree” photo, and making memories to cherish forever!!! Loved all of it.
    You must tell me how you got your photos to not be dark or blurry!

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