A Tea Party

I was going to write a long, emotional post about how today is the one-year anniversary of Art’s car accident, but I decided that instead I would post pictures from yesterday, mostly because God has been good to our family and we are blessed to be able to live this normal, silly life together, and I think maybe the pictures show that better than my writing would have. (Wow. That’s a really long sentence.)

Squeezy got tiny toddler-sized board book Alice in Wonderland for Christmas, and the words “tea party” apparently caught her imagination, because she’s been saying she’s going to a tea party all week. Yesterday at lunch Bubs said that maybe after quiet time they could have a tea party with her, and she was so excited that when I went upstairs an hour later to yell at her gently reprimand her for not going to sleep yet, she told me “Me’s gonna have a tea party with my boys!”

So I decided to go a bit overboard, and while she was napping and the boys and Art were gone at piano lessons, I made scones and put a tablecloth on the table and set the table with my good dishes and dug out some fake flowers and a vase and put on a dress and some pearls.

Then I went to get Squeezy up and get her dressed all pretty for her tea party. Of course, I underestimated how much time it would take for the boys to get home, so once Squeezy was dressed and had squealed with delight over the flowers and the pretty cups and the tea powdy! I had to find something to keep her busy. So I took her picture.

Isn’t she so pretty?

She is in the throes of being two, so life with her can be pretty rough, but when it comes right down to it I feel so blessed to be the mommy of this beautiful little girl.

Here we are, waiting oh-so-patiently for our boys to come home!

And they finally did, and I told them to go get dressed up for our tea party, which took much longer than Squeezy would have liked, but we survived by dancing around the living room to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, which we decided was good “tea powdy music.” And finally everyone was ready.

In case you can’t tell, Bubs has his tie on the inside of his collar instead of under his collar like it is supposed to be. And Stinky was buttoned crooked but I fixed that.

We also let the kids each bring a friend. May I introduce you to Lucy, Jimmy, and George.

Lucy was dressed quite appropriately for an afternoon tea, I think we’ll all agree. Jimmy the rabbit was wearing a crown, which is quite lovely. But poor George, in spite of his necktie, looks like maybe he wasn’t drinking only tea, if you know what I mean. Bubs assured me that he just has a spinal problem that prevents him from sitting up straight. Still . . . I don’t know if we should allow our kids to hang out with his type.

I know that my pinky is not out as it should be in this picture. You try holding a teacup properly when your fingers barely bend. 😉 At least I was wearing my pearls.

Stinky here is giving a combination thumbs-up/pinky-up, reserved for only the classiest of tea party goers.

And here he is, demonstrating the proper way to wear your glasses on the tip of your nose for that truly “proper” touch.

Maybe he could give Bubs lessons. I’m not sure he’s got it down quite right.

Art, on the other hand, brought new meaning to the word proper, with his bow tie and tweed jacket.

Miss Squeezy was so very careful with her fragile cup and saucer. It was seriously adorable.

Originally I put milk in the kids’ teacups, but then Squeezy wanted a taste of my tea. Since it was decaf, I let her have a sip, and she loved it and wanted more. So I poured a bit in with the little bit of milk at the bottom of her cup, and she drained it. And then asked for more. So Auntie Karen, you’ll be glad to know I think we have a little tea drinker on our hands! 🙂

It’s a beautiful life.



5 thoughts on “A Tea Party

  1. i couldn’t love this any more!!! what a beautiful celebration ❤ and i am SO glad to see your smiling face. you & your daughter are beautiful… and the boys? so proper and handsome. ok. i admit it. i smirked when i wrote proper thing of bub's glasses.

    love you!!!!

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