Miss Squeezy, First Grade Teacher

Stern Teacher Posture.
(portrait by Target)

Today I gave Stinky a spelling test, and Squeezy jumped in to provide sentences to go with the words. Her imitation of my tone of voice when doing such things was spot on. Here are her sentences.

1. love. I put my love in a pail. love.

2. shoves. Shoves are paint. shoves.

3. shovel. I hurt my shovel in the pail. shovel.

4. dove. Not dove. dove.

5. gloves. I put my gloves on. gloves.

6. oven. I put the coffee in the oven. oven.

7. over. I hurt my over in the basket. over.

8. clover. I don’t want to. clover.

9. of. I hurt my of in the pole. of.

Clearly she has a future in education. So, apparently, does Bubs, who announced today at breakfast that he wanted to be a teacher so he could arrange the classroom however he wanted.

Have a great weekend, y’all. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Miss Squeezy, First Grade Teacher

  1. You need to tell Bubs that our teachers recently had a day of training on the way classrooms should be arranged. Life is way more complicated than it should be.

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