Haiku on Topics Varied

Yesterday my lovely sister Laura, pictured here, sent me a list of possible blog topics. I decided to oblige her today by writing haiku about each topic. I’m sure she will appreciate this very much. I’m sure you will too. If not, blame her. Here’s her list:

1. Homeschoolopoly…need I say more?

2. How often your boys change their underwear.

3. The person on your fb friend list who annoys you the most.

4. Plastic hair dryers.

5. How annoying perfect people are.

6. Dumpster diving.

7. The price of gas.

8. Armpit fat.

9. The Diva Cup.

10. Belly Button lint and odor.


Long word, leaves no room for more


It’s best not to think
about how often my boys
change their underwear.

My Annoying Facebook Friend

I will not name you
here, but you should know you bug
the snot out of me.

Plastic Hair Dryers

Why would anyone
wax poetic about hair
dryers? I don’t know.

Perfect People

You ought to know, Miss
Perfect, that I know you’re not.
You’re not fooling me.

Dumpster Diving

Yucky stinky work,
but it has a cool name, and
you might find treasure.

The Price of Gas

Too much, way too much
Too much, too much, too much, too
much, too much, too much.

Armpit Fat

Armpit fat is not
an issue for those of us
who always wear sleeves.

The Diva Cup

I hate it when my
coffee mug dons diamonds and
acts like a diva.

Belly Button Lint and Odor

This is possibly
the grossest topic ever.
I don’t think I will.


6 thoughts on “Haiku on Topics Varied

  1. oh my goodness… the diva cup one. If I had been drinking coffee when I read that, I would have spewed it on my computer. that is hysterical. And you need to do a google search! hee hee hee! And then to have it followed by the “grossest” haiku makes it even funnier! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Love it!

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