How to Pack for a Big Move with Kids

If you have kids, packing for a big move can be a daunting task. The fact that your thoughts have turned to packing tape, cardboard boxes, and bubble wrap doesn’t mean that your kids aren’t still thinking in terms of eating food, wearing clothes, and making messes. This means that you’re going to have to continue feeding them, doing laundry, and cleaning up after them.

This fact can make moving very frustrating, unless you have some tricks up your sleeve to make things a little easier. So here today I am posting one tip that I’m sure will be valuable to anyone who is trying to accomplish anything at all with young children present.

Here is the tip:

Find things your kids like to do without you, and while they are occupied, work on your project.

Step One: Set a goal. I decided to pack three boxes while Squeezy was playing in the bathtub (in the next room, in my line of sight).

Step Two: Gather supplies. I have all my moving stuff in my Magical Moving Basket, so I just had to grab it and a couple boxes and take them upstairs with me.

Step Three: Get child occupied. I ran the bath, popped Squeezy in, and got her cleaned up. Then I left her to her own bathtime devices.

Step Four: Clear your workspace. For me, this involved putting away two baskets full of laundry.

Step Five: Get ready to work. I grabbed a box and set it on my bed, ready to be packed.

Step Six: Rescue child from her personal crisis. I rinsed the soap out of her mouth and let her play.

Step Seven: Get ready to work (again). I grabbed the box I had had in my hand when I went in the bathroom to rescue Squeezy and returned it to the bed, ready to be packed.

Step Eight: “Mommy, I put shampoo in my hair!” Return to bathroom. Rinse child’s hair eight times while she screams at the indignity. Drain tub. Dry child. Take child to her bedroom. Grab jammies and a diaper. Sit down to finish drying child. Realize there is still soap in child’s hair. Return to bathroom. Put child back into now-empty tub. Rinse child’s hair eight more times while she screams at the indignity. Dry child again. Clothe child. Comb child’s hair. Give kisses and hugs and night-night snuggles. Give Bear to child. Tuck child in. Turn off light.

Step Nine: Return to bedroom. Pack prepared box. Tape shut and label. Repeat twice.

Way to go! You did it!


5 thoughts on “How to Pack for a Big Move with Kids

  1. i’m tired just thinking about packing with little people. you remind me of why i was INSANE when my kids were 4,3,1 & 5,4,2 & 6,5,3 and we moved a number of times. sheesh! where was this post then? i could have used the grace… and a sitter and a frappuchino and anti-anxiety meds and chocolate and…

  2. Oof. I can’t imagine a big move with all 3 kids!! We moved up here when I was a few weeks pregnant with Davey & sick, but it’s just across the street so we stuffed everything in garbage bags and a few boxes and made a hundred trips in our van. 🙂 And our furniture we put on the hay wagon and pulled it up in the tractor, just three or four trips. 🙂

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