It’s July Second. Only Five Months Till My Birthday.

I do hope that you have been saving money for my present.

So, yeah. It’s July 2nd. Ever since October, my mom, sister, and I have chosen a “thirty-day challenge” each month, where we do something every day for thirty days. Some months I have failed miserably; a couple of months have actually produced habits that still stick. So this month my challenge is to blog every day. I’m hoping it will get my creative juices flowing again. Lately I’ve been too busy to be creative.

This morning we are all just hanging around. The air conditioner on our van decided to die last week, just about the time that Iowa decided 100 degrees and high humidity was going to be a daily occurrence. So the van is at the garage, and we’re praying for a quick and cheap fix. Quick because I just discovered we’re down to five rolls of toilet paper in the whole house. Awesome. Cheap because, well, it would be way more fun to buy school books, don’t you think?

So today we’re hunkered down in the air conditioning. The kids are drawing in the kitchen right now. Squeezy drew a picture of herself eating gum for breakfast, and if I weren’t so lazy I’d go take a picture of it for you. In a bit we’re going to read a history lesson and do a few “summer school” things. Which we were supposed to be doing all summer, but HELLO MOVING. So now that we’re mostly settled-ish we’re jumping back in.

Last week I was making space in our homeschool room (EEK! WE HAVE A SCHOOL ROOM! HOORAY!) for my mom’s air mattress (she came and stayed with us last week and helped me do some unpacking and weeded the flower beds because she’s awesome), and the phone rang and it was my friend Pam. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember Nate and Pam, who decided two years ago to adopt from Ethiopia. I did a photography fundraiser for them. Anyway. They got their referral phone call last week, and when Pam told me the news I may have shrieked and danced around my box-filled bedroom. They are going to be the parents of a sweet little girl whose name I can’t share online and whose picture I haven’t seen yet, and I am just so excited and happy for them. It’s still going to be several months, but after such a long wait this is huge. I’m just tickled for them. 🙂

My goal this week is to teach my sons how to clean up the kitchen after meals. I expect it will be a thrilling experience. But I’ve decided that they take their magically clean dishes for granted a little too much. Our new house does not have a dishwasher, so I definitely need help. And I know that especially when school starts I’ll be glad to have some helpers! (They also get to learn to clean the bathroom, but I haven’t told them that yet!)

Tomorrow maybe I’ll try to actually have a topic for my blog post. Today was just all about the rambling. Thanks for reading! 🙂

(And please do pray with me for little Taylor and her family. They are hoping for a week of special family time before her treatments begin.)



2 thoughts on “It’s July Second. Only Five Months Till My Birthday.

  1. you? blog everyday for 30 days in a row? I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

    seriously, that makes me SMILE! xoxo
    and pam & nate’s news makes me smile, too… and now that i can picture your house, i can picture you dancing! woohoo!! xoxo

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