Currently: In July

I’m copying my friend Heather at Madame Rubies again this month for some bloggy inspiration. Because I swear, the minute I was all I’ll blog every day in July, my brain flew out the window.

Some would say they didn’t notice the difference.

Those people are jerks. πŸ˜‰

Current Books: I just finished the entire Anne of Green Gables series, in the middle of a move no less. I read more books during that move than I had in the entire year before that. I just needed an escape, I guess. Right now I’m reading Pride and Prejudice. Because it was on the shelf when I finished Rilla of Ingleside the other day.

Current Playlist: Not much. In our old house our main computer was right in the dining room where I could crank up Pandora whenever I wanted some tunes. Now, the computer is upstairs and we haven’t figured out exactly how we’re going to do music in this house. We need to figure something out soon, because listening to music makes cooking dinner way more fun.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in almost every single morning. And then taking a nap. But really. It doesn’t induce that much shame.

Current Colors: Neutrals. Our old house was painted some pretty dark and bold colors. I’m enjoying the more neutral tones in this house. Although our green couch, blue chair, and red chair kind of take away from that a little. Baby steps.

Current Fetish: Looking at blogs about furniture redos. Someday I’m going to get brave and actually attempt to redo some furniture. Someday. When it’s not 8000 degrees outside.

Current Food: Cold things. And also cold things. Did I mention it’s 8000 degrees outside?

Current Drink: Bottled water. Because Tiny Town water tastes nasty. And we bought a filter for the faucet, but the stupid aerator is jammed on so we can’t get it off. So. Bottled water.

Current Favorite Favorite: The lack of traffic on our road. Seriously. I might miss having everything within three miles of my house, but I do not miss Suburbia traffic.

Current Wishlist: Curtains. New living room furniture. A futon for my school room.

Current Needs: For the AC in our van to get fixed. Or at least for the driver’s side window to go down.

Current Triumph: I don’t know. I’m not feeling overwhelmingly triumphant today. Just saying.

Current Bane of my Existence: old house plumbing. Good GRIEF.

Current Indulgence: Did I mention all those Naps?

Current Mood: Kinda grumpy, I can’t lie. It’s the heat.

Current #1 Blessing: Being here. Even on grumpy days, I’m so thankful for where God has led us!

Current Slang or Saying: “Like a boss.” This is not my saying; it’s Squeezy’s. As in, “Mommy? Are we going to church today? Is Daddy going to preach like a boss?”

Current Outfit:jean shorts and a gray top

Current Picture: (taken with my webcam. I’m a hottie.)


4 thoughts on “Currently: In July

  1. Yes you ARE a cutie! As for the music, if your phone is a smartphone you can put pandoeon it and listen to your tunes anywhere. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh yeah… don’t drink the water. You’ll get a notice about that about 4 times a year from the city. I think it’s something like kids under 7 aren’t supposed to drink it because of the fluoride content. Small town joys!

  3. i love you & random πŸ™‚ and i so wish it wasn’t 8000 degrees out.!!!!! cold things & naps seem like a plan to me! and while you might not feel a triumph, your unpacked house IS!!! this is huge! i hope you find a music fix soon… maybe a computer speaker with a really long cord? maybe cutting a hole in the floor? nah… not yet at least…

  4. you are funny.

    8000 degrees and no a.c. and window won’t go down! God provide.

    we actually get a bit of trafiic in front of our new house and i like it. we were so isolated before that days would pass without me seeing anyone outside out family. now sometimes i just sit and watch people drive by. i’m weird.

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