F is for Friday; That’s Good Enough for Me

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter F!


F is for FAILURE!!! As in, on the fifth day of my 30-day blogging challenge, I neglected to blog. I kept thinking about it while I was making dinner and breaking up fights but when I finally had some quiet time I totally forgot about it and went to bed instead. Awesome.

F is for FIREWORKS!!! One of the tiny towns near us had a fireworks show on Wednesday night. We had spent the whole day with my folks in the big city, but drove back in time to catch the show on our way home. We parked our lawn chairs on a sidewalk right in front of a big hill, and the kids amused themselves by rolling down it (or across it, as Squeezy apparently does not understand how to roll down a hill, and I wasn’t about to show her). Stinky is apparently allergic to grass and broke out in an itchy rash, and both he and Squeezy have scratches from the dry grass messing them up. But they’d totally both do it again. Some things are worth it. Anyway, when the first firework went off Squeezy was halfway down the hill and she ran up it like a shot and jumped into my lap and stuck her fingers in her ears. Her little heart was just pounding like crazy, and half the time she had her eyes closed, but she didn’t cry. And ever since then she has been telling everyone she sees that she saw fireworks and liked them oh so much. Three-year-olds.

F is for FABULOUS!!! You know what’s fabulous? Not having to cook dinner for the next three nights. Tonight and tomorrow night we’re going to people’s houses for dinner, and Sunday night is pizza night, which mean Art does the cooking. I love not cooking. Of course, I’ll have to pay for it some, because Sunday after church there is a potluck, which means extra cooking on Sunday morning. But I think it’ll be worth it.

F is for FRAMES!!! The other day I braved the heat long enough to spray paint some picture frames black. Now there are five things on the wall instead of just two. I need to buy some more black frames because a couple of mine have been broken recently, but every time I go to Walmart I’m like “$2.75!!?! for a cheap plastic frame??!!?? I’m not buying that.” And then I go to McDonald’s and buy a caramel frappe for $3. I am nothing if not ridiculous.

F is for FRAPPE!!! I just made myself hungry for one. Awesome. Guess who isn’t getting one today? This girl.

F is for FASTING!!! Art and I are in the process of getting life insurance policies, and this morning the insurance company sent over a nurse to do physicals. We had to have blood drawn, so we couldn’t have anything other than clear liquids after midnight. I take my cream with a little coffee in the morning, so I had to wait till after she had come and left to get myself a hot beverage. Drinking coffee at 10:00 AM with a three-year-old asking incessant questions and a nine-year-old and seven-year-old wrestling at your feet is not the wonderful experience that drinking coffee at 7 AM in a quiet house is. I am JUST saying.

F is for FORECAST!!! Looks like today is the last really really really hot day, and then we get a few days in the mid-eighties. I can deal with that. My children need to go outside and run off all their pent-up energy. Because their new favorite game is called CHASE and involves all three of them running in circles around the main floor of the house while screaming “CHASE CHASE CHASE!!!” until someone stops running and they all plow into each other and start crying. I love this game, as I’m sure you can imagine.

F is for FOLDERS!!! They’re putting out the school supplies at Walmart, which makes me happy. There is just something about cheap crayons and notebooks . . . We won’t start school till at least the middle of August, probably closer to Labor Day, because our summer has been so crazy with moving that it feels like we haven’t really had much summer yet. But I’m still looking forward to stocking up on some fun new school supplies. I like to take the boys one at a time to get their stuff and make a special date of it.

F is for FAITHFUL!!! Someone in our church provided for us to get the air conditioner in our van fixed. Isn’t God so good? We are just so blessed.

F is for FATIGUE!!! I’m thinking that now would be a lovely time for a little nap, and therefore . . .

F is for FAREWELL!!!



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