A Sunday Morning Adventure

So yesterday I was sitting in church trying to pay attention to the super hot preacher sermon, which is always a challenging endeavor because the short people in my pew tend to act like, you know, kids, and their father is too nice to call them out from the pulpit. As I was scribbling down some sort of note-type thing I couldn’t help but notice that my daughter was making quiet, panicked noises of distress.

I am nothing if not tender and compassionate when being interrupted for the 7,000th time during one sermon, so I responded with a very gentle, loving hiss of “Be quiet! Daddy’s preaching!”

“Dere’s a sticker in my nose, Mommy!”

“What? No there isn’t. The sticker is right there.”

The look on my three-year-old’s face would have made her future teenage self very proud. She jammed her little finger up her nose and whimpered again. I sighed heavily smiled sweetly with all the kindness you would expect from a minister’s wife and tilted her head back. Sure enough, nestled in her little nostril was a tiny round sticker, folded in half and glistening with toddler snot.

Once again we would not be making it through a morning service without me and Squeezy parading down the aisle to the back of the church for one reason or another. I stopped to ask one of the ladies at the back of the church if she happened to have a pair of tweezers, and thankfully she did.

Which is why, on Sunday morning at 11:20, I had my daughter laid out flat on the couch in the conference room as I fished a ladybug sticker out of her nose.

“Thank you so much!” I whispered as I handed back the tweezers. “I’m pretty sure I got all the boogers off . . .”


6 thoughts on “A Sunday Morning Adventure

  1. Hi Erin,

    Oh do I remember those days. I have been embarrassed more than once. The good news is by the time they were teenangers it was my turn to embarrass them. LOL
    Now that’s am older and they are grown with children I enjoy sitting back and watching them pay for their raising. Lol

    Looking forward to more laughs.

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