A New Year Begins

Today is our first day of school, and that filled our home with great excitement! Well, that filled ME with great excitement. Art was mostly filled with happiness that he didn’t have to hold a big number this year. (Yay Master’s Degree!). And the boys were mostly filled with happiness because they got new shirts for the first day.

I believe that this is supposed to be an angry face to go with his angry birds. I’m personally kind of scared of it.

In the interest of full disclosure, neither of my boys has ever actually played the game Angry Birds. I believe that their obsession started when Bubs acquired a slap bracelet bearing the face of one of the birds. I tried to find a version you can play online for free, but the first one I found was in Chinese and after that I got distracted by the fact that it was pizza night.

Of course, if the boys get new shirts, our little diva has to have one too!

Squeezy approves of this shirt because a) in has a doggy on it, b) the doggy is wearing sunglasses, and c) the sunglasses are sparkly. It’s really the trifecta of awesomeness to my daughter. My favorite part of this picture, however, is the leg rolls. Only another year or two and she’ll outgrow them, which is dreadfully sad. I’m planning to enjoy them as long as possible.

I wasn’t going to get myself a new shirt, but I saw this one and had to. “Save your drama for your llama” is something I say to my children quite regularly. I used to say “Save your drama for your mama” when I worked at the daycare, but that just doesn’t work when it’s your own kids. 😉

And of course, I couldn’t leave Art out of the new shirt club.

It says “How can I think outside the box, when they won’t even let me out of it?” and it totally cracks me up. Here he is with his label, but NO NUMBERS. So glad to be done with the seminary part of our lives, at least for now. 🙂 Art, being the awesome guy he is, agreed to teach Latin to Bubs. He’s so great with languages, and I know he’s going to do a fabulous job.

Look at that number 4. Fourth grade. Completely crazy.

What a privilege it is to be entrusted with their education.

(She doesn’t get a big number this year. Next year she’ll get a P for preschool! This year she’s just stuck with a label, poor little thing.)

We all know that if I included all my titles, this label would have to be about three feet long. But I figured “teacher” summed it all up– and I’m sure my teacher friends will agree that that one word by definition includes things like shoe tie-er, nose wiper, pencil finder, lesson planner, mean stern look giver, snack server, red pen user, classroom decorator, and general repository of all sorts of knowledge. So I just went with “teacher.” 🙂

And just a few shots from our actual school day:

Stinky, wearing the Thinking Cap while trying to solve a particularly difficult subtraction problem. The Thinking Cap is a cap I found at a garage sale that says “THINK” on it. It is making its debut in our schoolroom this year to help the kids when they’re just having a hard time figuring something out. 🙂

Bubs, demonstrating the proper way to use the school binder– curled up on a cozy futon, and wearing a smile!

And Squeezy, who totally shocked me by both her ability to trace the letter G and her desire to do so. I think she filled up four or five pages of letters. She didn’t want to trace any other letters, but she was totally gung-ho about G!

What a great first day back. I am so excited for this year. I think it’s going to be great!

(Tune in later this week for a tour of our homeschool room!)


5 thoughts on “A New Year Begins

  1. The first day is always exciting!! I like the idea of the thinking cap!! That is great!! Have a great school year!!! Love ya!! Grandpa and Grandma Kilmer

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