There’s No Supermom in This House

I’m not perfect.

Anyone who knows me just snorted in a “duh, Erin” kind of way. But sometimes . . .

I think anyone with a blog or an online presence (even a tiny one like mine) struggles with presenting themselves in a way that is honest without being humiliating. I’m no different. I spent five minutes the other morning contemplating which picture to put online, and I based my decision purely on which one made my stomach rolls look the least offensive.

But I think that maybe if you read my posts about curriculum and organizing, you might have thought, “Wow, she has it all together. I wish I had the time and energy to do _______ in my home school. I’m such a failure!” So I want to set the record straight, because I have felt that way SO many times reading other blogs. And a sense of failure isn’t particularly helpful for any of us, unless that sense is coming from the Holy Spirit. In which case, quit reading my blog because this isn’t where you need to be right now. πŸ˜‰

Let me tell you about my home, right now.

  • I have three bathrooms and only one of them has been cleaned in the last three weeks. And that one needs to be cleaned again too.
  • I haven’t made my bed in a week.
  • The end table next to my comfy chair, where I do computery things and sit to watch TV, is completely overflowing with what my children call “Mom’s mess.” Most of my mess is paper trash that just needs to be thrown away.
  • When we came home from our recent trip to Art’s grandfather’s house, I put a bunch of dishes away in our newly-acquired china hutch without washing any of it. So now if I want to use it I have to wash it all.
  • My refrigerator is stuffed so full of old food that it’s like putting a puzzle together to fit anything in there at all.
  • The flowerbeds look dreadful.
  • From where I’m sitting, I can see three boxes that still need to be unpacked.
  • At the bottom of the stairs is an opened package of toilet paper that has been waiting to go to the upstairs bathroom since Monday night.
  • Last night we didn’t eat dinner till seven o’clock because I didn’t start cooking it till six.
  • Yesterday I completely lost my temper with Squeezy because she didn’t want to paint and I had spent ten minutes getting the paints all set up for her.
  • On Thursday evenings the boys are supposed to help me cook dinner (I’m trying to teach them basic kitchen skills, right?), but most weeks I come up with an excuse for them not to help me because they drive me CRAZY with how slow and clumsy they are in the kitchen.
  • A blanket and a sheet are hanging on my clothesline. They have been there since Tuesday morning. I keep forgetting to bring them in.

There’s more. There is SO MUCH MORE. If you could be a fly on the wall in my house you would undoubtedly be slightly grossed out by the mess and totally shocked at the ugliness that I am capable of.

But the point of this blog post isn’t to bash myself or point out all my faults. It’s to say that I’m not perfect and it’s okay that you’re not either. It’s okay if the thought of homeschooling makes you want to run away screaming. It’s okay if you haven’t washed your dishes in four days and had to eat dinner last night on napkins. It’s okay if you were due for a shower on Tuesday and now it’s Thursday and you’re not sure if it’s going to happen today. It’s okay if you don’t have detailed lesson plans, or if you never to art projects with your kids, or if you gave yourself the afternoon off yesterday and let the kids watch DVDs for five hours. It’s okay if your idea of a home-cooked meal is boiling the hot dogs instead of microwaving them.

It’s okay if you’re not Supermom.

Sometimes we need to recognize bad habits and laziness in ourselves and work to overcome them. But sometimes we need to be reminded that there is no such thing as a perfect mom, and that nobody has enough time or energy in her day to do and be everything. Everyone has to make choices about what her priorities will be. And once we’ve chosen our priorities, all we can do is our best.

And your best, with God’s grace, is enough.


12 thoughts on “There’s No Supermom in This House

  1. Thank you for writing this it’s nice to know I’m not the only unperfect Mom sometimes. You always make me laugh. I now feel better about my dirty dishes and unpacked boxes. That’s really nice that you have 3 bathrooms, except for the cleaning them part. πŸ™‚

  2. Erin, It’s me, Becky “Tourville” Douglas. I just wanted to say that I am so thankful that there is another Mom out there who’s house is like mine. I am still struggling with accepting that I cannot do it all, but God is teaching me slowly but surely. It is also neat for me to hear about your family since I remember when you were their ages and how you’ve grown to be a wonderful godly woman! πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next blog post!

  3. Erin, I totally agree! I’d much rather have a dirty house while making great memories with my kids. Someday I’ll be an empty nester with a clean house but my children are where the importance lies right now. So what if that means I could make another cat with all the cat hair in the corners of my living room? πŸ™‚

  4. That is well said Erin!! It sure sounds like a normal household to us!! I remember those days fondly!! I actually miss some of them! Mama JoAnne and I think you are a great Mom!! ❀

  5. Thank you for this. As I’m reading this there are Cheerios on the floor that I’m pretty sure I’ve picked up at least a dozen times today, laundry that has been folded but not put away for 3 (or maybe 5) days, shoes everywhere including on the table, and all around chaos! And I always feel guilty about it. Especially when my poor neat-as-a-pin husband comes home from work and asks how my day was. It’s always nice to see someone else who lost their supermom cape somewhere in the mountain we call laundry.

  6. AMEN!

    i didn’t feel like cooking tonight. my kids had mac n’ cheese with left over re-fried beans and tortillas. whatever.

    my bathroom rugs have been hanging on the clothesline since yesterday.

    i have procrastinated putting away my clean clothes for 3 weeks. closet is a mess.

    and right now my living room is covered in hole punch dots and wedding favor makings for a wedding we’re a part of saturday. i should be sleeping right now so i can be up bright and early to finish the 150 favors i am to have done by noon tomorrow.

    and i have a zit that has taken over my face. i’m hoping people will think it is a birthmark…that i got at 38.

    i’m so not perfect.


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