In Which I Post Real Pictures of My Schoolroom

Yesterday’s post inspired me to do something crazy. I had been planning to post about our schoolroom all week, and had planned to spend some time today cleaning it and getting it all spruced up for pictures. But then I decided that if I did that you all might not believe me when I talk about how messy my house is. So. Under the auspices of keeping it real, yesterday morning I sent the kids outside for a break and took pictures without picking up ANYTHING.

If you stopped by our house on any given day, and I invited you up to our schoolroom, THIS is what you would find.

You might want to stop now if imperfection makes you twitchy.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This is the view from the door into the room. It’s pretty chaotic, although I try to remember to have the kids clean up at the end of our school day. Like I said, I took this during a break, so everything was still out . . . 🙂

This door might very well be my favorite part of this room. Because I can CLOSE it. After two years of schooling in our main living/dining area, I love being able to at least keep the school mess contained! This door will eventually hold some of Squeezy’s preschool stuff, because it’s right next to her little calendar corner. The orange squares on the door frame contain each of the letters of the alphabet and are for practicing spelling with movement. And above the door . . .

Last week, Corinne posted on her blog about this verse being her family’s theme verse for their home school this year. And I commented that it was a GREAT verse! Imagine my surprise when a little package came in the mail on Monday, courtesy of my dear friend Dawn. These words are a little hard to read here, but they show up beautifully in real life and I love that they are there as a constant reminder to us about the power of our words. I should apologize to Dawn though for the haphazard way I put them up there. It was either that or spend eight hours at it . . . I figure when my sister-in-law comes to visit it’ll drive her crazy and then she’ll fix them for me. 😀

Moving around the room, this is the corner right to the right when you walk in the door. We had the extra linoleum from the kitchen in the garage, so I figured we could put it under the table and then we could do art projects and stuff without risking damage to the carpet. Except it keeps bunching up. So I don’t know what we’re going to do about it. At this point I’m mostly ignoring it. The “bulletin board” area on the right of the picture is titled “Cool People.” As the year goes by, we’ll be researching and writing about a bunch of cool people– including some members of our own family!– and we’ll be putting them up on the board. The A+ Work board I obviously should have made bigger! 🙂

This is the home of the Thinking Cap. It is the door up to the attic, which is the boys’ lair. Don’t worry, we don’t lock them in every night! 🙂

This is just part of the mess Squeezy made yesterday morning while I was teaching the boys.

This wall is one of the reasons I LOVE having a school room. It’s so great to have an easy place for the boys to reference when they can’t remember how to form a letter or when they’re struggling with ABC order. Under the cursive chart is my little incentive chart. Right now they’re working toward 30 extra minutes of computer time. They get stickers for working hard, having good attitudes, being helpful, and excellent papers. The Wonder Board is next to that. I think I need to put something on it; maybe it will get them started filling it up!

This is one of my bookshelves, obviously. The red basket on top has library books that I checked out that are extra reading to go with what we’re studying in school. Right now they’re all about flight, because we’re studying how birds fly. The shelves are actually mostly organized, even if they don’t look like it. The fourth shelf down contains my precious three-hole punch, which makes it possible to use our rocking binder system. The printer in front of the bookshelf is one I bought of Craigslist a year ago and which we have never actually used because I lost the drivers for it. I’m a genius.

My friend found this futon at a garage sale for me this summer, and I was SO happy to get it! The boys have always preferred couch learning to desk or table learning, so I knew that if I wanted our school room to actually be USED it would have to have a couch in it. It folds down to make a bed, which is actually fairly comfortable. The boys have been sleeping on it this week because their room has been really hot, thanks to a broken window air conditioner. Hence the wad of sheets under the futon!

This is my other bookshelf. It is in desperate need of being organized. I seriously don’t even know what is in that diaper box. This shelf holds a lot of MY stuff that the kids aren’t supposed to mess with. You can also see my shoe-organizer-turned-stuff-holder next to it. I got it from the dollar tree and I’m pretty sure that even Squeezy’s shoes wouldn’t fit into it, but it works well for flashcards and the like.

This is my scrapbook cabinet from about 10 years ago, repurposed into a STUFF holder for paper and art supplies. Unfortunately there’s not actually space in the schoolroom for it, so it just sits mournfully in front of the bookshelf.

This is our timeline. I really wanted it all to fit on one wall, so I made the centuries too short, which is why there’s a huge pile of little timeline guys all crammed in around 600 BC.

I either need to take the trash out more often, or get a bigger trash can for the school room!

The computer desk is like one of those seek-and-find puzzle books. Can you find the map of Ezra’s journey to Jerusalem? Can you find a mini white board? Can you find a bottle of paint? Can you find a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit? Can you find a DVD of a photo session from three months ago? Can you find an uncomfortable number of cords? 🙂

And with this picture, we have made it all the way around the room, back to the corner behind the door. This is Squeezy’s little “preschool” area. We do calendar time every morning before I do school with the boys. Right now we are practicing letter G, so that’s there too. I need to get some more stuff for her corner but I haven’t gotten around to it yet!

I know it’s small and messy and far from perfect, but I LOVE my schoolroom. I love having a place to go to “do school,” and I love that it’s NOT in the main part of my house! God has been good to us!


7 thoughts on “In Which I Post Real Pictures of My Schoolroom

  1. Yep, I would GLADLY make your verse all nice and straight and happy for you! My question is, can you sleep at night with it crooked before I get there? I mean honestly, I COULDN’T!!! So anyway, great schoolroom! It is so nice to have an exclusive closeable room for it!

  2. Your room looks awesome, even if it is messy.

    As for the printer drivers, you know 99.9% of all of them can be downloaded from the internet now. You should try that so you can use that awesome printer. 🙂

  3. i have a school closet, so i covet.

    i use to have a school board that we would drag in and out of the garage, but my kids outgrew it.

    i have a sliding glass window and dry erase markers that i will always use for assignments.

    don’t let my kids know how cool and “chillaxed” you are..they’ll fire me for sure!

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