Our Homeschool 2012-2013 Week 1 in Review

That’s a super catchy title, isn’t it?

Our first week of school went fairly well, I think. It was entirely exhausting and involved its fair share of tantrums and tears, but that’s to be expected, especially with a 3-year-old joining us every day! šŸ™‚ Here are some highlights.

I caught this picture of Bubs actually looking like maybe math isn’t going to kill him.

And this one of Stinky, who apparently wasn’t so convinced.

(Do you like his binder cover? It says “Learning is for Awesome People,” and Bubs has one too. I love them.)

In history, we learned about Socrates and dressed up in bedsheets himations.

I told them to look thoughtful, like philosophers. Huh.

Squeezy totally adored this activity.

We also studied Ezra and Nehemiah and how, once the Jews had rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem, Ezra read the Law to the people. This led them to a remembrance of the Feasts God had prescribed for them, so they celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles for the first time in centuries. Of course, we had no choice but to drag the kitchen chairs and some bedsheets out on the front porch and make tabernacles for ourselves.

The sheets got a lot of use this week.

Then the boys had to go up in the mountains (AKA the attic steps) to fetch some palm branches to finish off their booths. I did not take pictures of them doing this, but I did get this awesome picture of me sitting on the porch swing while they gathered their leaves.

I didn’t get a good picture of the boys sitting in their completed tents while I read them the Ten Commandments (our neighbors must think we are AWESOME), but I did get this really blurry one of Stinky.

You can see the super cool leaves I cut out for them.Ā  And you can also see what a great photographer I am. This picture is multipurpose, man.

In science this week, we began our study of flying creatures with an introduction to zoology and the science of flight. We did an experiment that was meant to demonstrate high and low air pressure.

I’m not sure that we really got it to work right, but the good news is that my bathroom counter got nice and wet, which is about as close to clean as it got all week.

We also learned about lift, thrust, and drag, which really made me want to watch Chicken Run.

(I looked for a clip. Sorry. THRRRRRUST!!! We need THRRRRRUST!”)

Then the boys and Art did an experiment testing whether a glider with long, thin wings would fly further than a glider with short, wide wings.

They went over to the church basement to test them out in a nice, big, windless room.

Of course, their unique throwing methods added an unforeseen variable to the experiment, but after many throws they determined that, on average, the glider with the long, thin wings flew further. This went along with what our science book said should happen, so that was good news.

We also did a warm/cool name art project from Oodles of Art. You only get to see mine since they used the boys’ real names. We did it a little differently from the original, using watercolors instead of markers.

Our other subjects this week were good but not as interesting. Both boys are reviewing in math and grammar. Both boys did better on their spelling tests than they did on their pretests, so I considered that to be a success. Bubs worked on reading The Wheel on the School and will be doing a book report on it next week. Stinky did so amazingly well in his readers (we are continuing where we left on in his first grade book) that we decided to speed through them so he can get into the second grade books within a month or so. His reading has approved dramatically since last school year.

For Squeezy’s “preschool,” we did a few fun G-related activities, since she is currently all about the letter G. One of her favorites was painting glue onto the letter G and then putting glitter on it.

I had her pinch the glitter instead of shake it on as some extra practice for fine motor skills, although she seems fairly advanced in that respect to me. I guess all I have to compare her to is the boys, which probably isn’t fair, since boys tend to develop their small-motor skills later than girls.

So proud of her Glittery G!

She also told me one morning that she wanted to pick some flowers and put them in water, so we gathered some blanket flowers from the front flowerbed. Then I had her pull the leaves off the stems.

I pulled out a little vase from Art’s grandparents’ house and let Squeezy do the arranging.

She did a great job of it!

All in all, it was a great week. A little rough around the edges. And I am WORN OUT. But for a first week, I think we did fabulously! šŸ™‚ (And this afternoon, I spent 45 minutes cleaning up the schoolroom, so now it looks BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t take a picture of it, but I DID take a picture, earlier this week, of Squeezy wearing my shirt.)

TA DA!!!


6 thoughts on “Our Homeschool 2012-2013 Week 1 in Review

  1. Sam really captured the philosopher look! What a fun school you have! I’m guilty of having my kids sit a lot more than yours; it makes me cranky to have to leave the room for a lesson! Great job!

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