2012-2013 Week 2 in Review– in which all the pictures are blurry

Y’all, this week was CRAZY. You know it was crazy because I used the word “y’all” and I have never lived in the south. Although a couple times I had a layover in Kentucky. So there’s that.

Anyway, today’s post is going to be kind of lame because, honestly, I don’t even remember what we did. This is why I keep records, of course, but my Binder of Wonders is in the kitchen and that’s way too far away to even contemplate getting up to go get it.

So Monday was Labor Day, as you may know. We spent the day with my folks and went to the Labor Day parade in Omaha. This was not a school day, but I’m including a couple pictures because they’re actually not blurry.

I believe we were just waiting for the next entry to come along. Either that or this was the invisible marching band. Not sure.

And this was undoubtedly Squeezy’s favorite part. She also got to meet Rapunzel, and Belle blew her a kiss!

Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment in Omaha, so Art got to supervise school while I went and got poked, prodded, x-rayed, examined, lectured, and sent home to cry. Then the boys got their haircut while I sat in a recliner at my parents’ house and felt sorry for myself. (The doctor is my new rheumatologist, and he squeezed all my sore joints and left me pretty much miserable for the rest of the day.) Then we drove home, where I taught the boys their history and science lessons and then went and took a nap.

Wednesday we had a fairly normal day of school while Art went to the home of one of our church members and helped tear out plaster and put up new drywall. In the evening we had our first night of kids’ program for the year.

Thursday we did school like normal and I did a whole ton of laundry. In the evening I did the grocery shopping I should have done on Tuesday.

Friday I ran around like crazy all morning– teaching the kids, baking cookies, and packing my bags. I left at noon for a ladies’ retreat at camp with three other ladies from my church, and Art took over the teaching and crowd control while I had an awesome time laughing like crazy, being spiritually refreshed, catching up with old friends, and going down the zipline!

(I’m the one on the right). We didn’t get home till after 6:30 last night, and Super Husband even had dinner on the table.

So. What did we learn this week? Well, in history we continued our trek through Mystery of History by studying Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, learning about two of the Wonders of the Ancient World, and being introduced to Philip 2 of Macedonia, who is mostly famous for being Alexander the Great’s father.

In science, we talked about habitats and extinction, and Bubs did a little internet research about biomes and then taught Stinky and me all about them.

In grammar, Bubs continued reviewing parts of speech and types of sentences (I wish I had recorded him trying to pronounce the word “interrogative” the first time it showed up in his book. Hilarious.) Stinky memorized the definition of a noun and mostly seemed to understand the difference between common and proper nouns.

Both boys continued reviewing in math, although I think it won’t be long before they’re learning new stuff. This is a picture of them enjoying their FAVORITE thing in the whole world, speed drills.

I put the sheet in the back clear section of their school binders, and they use dry erase markers to complete the drills. That way we can reuse them until they can get through them all quickly and correctly.

We listened to Prelude and Fugue 1 from Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier, learned about the Iowa flag, and practiced typing some more.

We also began learning about artist Paul Cezanne. I know nothing about art or artists, so I was exciting to come across these lesson plans from Concordia University. We looked at Cezanne’s The Blue Vase, and then I encouraged the boys to use construction paper pieces to create something inspired by the painting. My kids are a bit intimidated by paints, so I decided to start with something more simple. We are going to do other projects inspired by The Blue Vase over the next few weeks. Here is Bubba’s finished masterpiece:

(I told you there were blurry pictures).

And Stinky’s:

Squeezy and I also collaborated on a picture, with me cutting and her gluing, but I didn’t get a good picture of it. She loved gluing, so I was able to keep her busy for quite awhile with a glue stick and a pile of scraps of paper.

So that’s about all the week that I can remember. There were also many crises, including Squeezy ripping off half of her toenail and two of our church people having health emergencies while I was at the doctor’s office, with my husband’s cell phone (I forgot to charge mine), with the sound turned off. We are so blessed by gracious church people!

I am anxious to post about the ladies’ retreat. There is so much to process, and to think about. I’m hoping that over the next few days I’ll have some quiet time to write about it. If not, just assume that I am tied up while my kids reenact the Peloponnesian War around me in my living room. You can decide which boy is Athens and which is Sparta. 😉


3 thoughts on “2012-2013 Week 2 in Review– in which all the pictures are blurry

  1. You are braver than I with that zipline! Good for you!! And you are too funny with your first paragraph and your use of ya’ll. Lol 😉

  2. i like getting to “walk” with you through your week. seeing a glimpse of the day-to-day real. i need to see a few doctors, but i don’t have a parents chair to sit in after they’ve poked, prodded, and made me cry, so i don’t. your kids are going to be too smart. teach my kids, too. ziplines are pee-your-pants-cool. i like that kind of laughter. i always forget to charge my cell phone,

  3. what a week, what a week! your parade pics made me smile… and wish we had a labor day parade! our marching band could fill that space about 12 times!! really!!! and you zip lined!?!?! i hope you had protective gear. like a harness. {cuz did i tell you that was how eric broke hi back last fall!?!? no gear though}

    i am very sorry for the dr tears… but i hope you like the new dr and that next time it won’t be so bad…


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