What Happens When You Procrastinate Your Week in Review Post?

You end up having to post two weeks at a time! I’m not even sure I can remember what happened last week, but thankfully I took pictures. So.

We took a field trip to the zoo. We are studying birds and of course the zoo has lots of birds, including this mama and her baby. Or maybe it’s a daddy and his baby. I’m really not sure.

We have been learning the technical field mark terms for birds, so I kept saying things like “look, boys! Wing bars!” They were hugely excited by this. Or they would have been if the monkeys hadn’t started a whooping contest right then.

This was probably the highlight of Stinky’s trip: this puffin or whatever it was fell in LOVE with his hat and kept following him and even trying to come through the glass.

It really was hilarious. We saw lots of other stuff at the zoo, but we have two weeks to cover here, people! No time to dawdle!

Squeezy began her in-depth study of the letter R by making a rabbit.

She won’t color unless I’m coloring with her. I bet you can’t tell which parts I did.

In history, we studied the Great Wall of China, and of course we were forced to make our own Great Wall out of rice crispy treats. This was an idea I got from my friend Carrie, who got it from this post at Teach Beside Me.

I made two pans of rice crispy treats, cut them in strips, and let the boys go at it. Squeezy and her princesses supervised.

(I tried to line them up as an army of marauding hordes attacking from the north, but she would have nothing to do with it.)

Pretty cool, huh?

(also pretty tasty.)

We also studied the Maccabean Revolt and made paper plate menorahs to go with our lesson.

These took awhile to dry (glitter glue is the WORST that way!), so I didn’t get a picture of the finished product until a few days later . . .

I think they turned out pretty cute!

Squeezy and I did this activity to work on one-to-one correspondence with counting. She does really well up to about four. After awhile she got tired of this game and decided it would be more fun to play that the rocks were food. So she brought a bunch of her little dishes in and had a regular party. It was great. It earned me about ten minutes of peace!

I also made this letter R on the floor of our schoolroom with masking tape, and let Squeezy line the counters up on it. She loves the counters and eventually turned them into play food too. She likes her tea parties, this one does.

We also used the counters to practice the boys’ spelling lists. I wrote the letters on the counters with a sharpie, and they had to spell their words.

To be honest, this wasn’t exactly a huge success. The boys had a hard time finding the letters, so it took a long time. If we do this again I will make sure the letters are organized so they’re more easy to find.

Also, since the counters are transparent, Stinky kept putting them out backwards. This was BAD because he struggles so much with reversing his letters already. If we do this again I will probably use round stickers on the counters and then put the letters on those. Or use round alphabet stickers. But honestly we probably won’t do it again.

This week, (week FIVE), we took Tuesday off school and the boys went camping with Art. But around here the learning never stops, so of course we took a walk on the nature trail and looked for some birds! 🙂

We also joined in with International Homeschooling Spirit Week on Facebook. Of course, Monday and Tuesday we weren’t home, but on Wednesday we got all dressed up in silly socks for Silly Sock Day . . .

on Thursday we wore our craziest clashy clothes . . .

and on Friday, we embraced our inner twinnyness.

(Notice I did not color my nose with orange marker like my twin did.)

We played more spelling games this week, including this one where they had to spell their words using their bodies to make the letters. Here Bubs is demonstrating an “I.”

Stinky also practiced his words in shaving cream. I’ve been trying to come up with more tactile and kinesthetic ways to help him spell.

I have to say it seems to have helped, because check out this spelling test:

Said and else have been on his spelling list for FOUR WEEKS. This is epic, people.

Bubs has been enjoying his Latin lessons. This pictures is completely unposed, as I’m sure you can tell.

In grammar, Stinky has been studying nouns, so we did this simple activity found here to classify nouns as persons, places, or things. Stinky used the counters to mark the paper, while Squeezy decorated a rainbow (R is for RAINBOW!).

Squeezy also made a rainbow mobile using parts of the paper plates leftover from our menorahs.

We finished up our week with a couple more history projects, including making mosaics to go with our study of the Romans.

We made leaves in fall colors. I printed out templates which we traced onto old file folders, and then we got busy with construction paper scraps and glue sticks.

We also studied Spartacus this week. He was a Roman slave who led a rebellion. We talked about how many slaves were forced to become gladiators, and so of course we had to make gladiator helmets.

Actually, helmets of this style were originally wore by Spartan soldiers called hoplites during the Peloponnesian War.

Roman gladiators were given all sorts of different types of armor, including stuff reminiscent of the Greeks.

I’m sure that the gladiators, who were forced into their task of entertaining others with their deaths, were glad for any sort of protection. I’m sure they were also glad their armor wasn’t made of cardboard.

But I bet they weren’t nearly as cute and funny as these two!

These posts keep getting longer and longer, so I think that next week I’m going to split it up and do Squeezy’s “preschool” separately. Or something. I’m also hoping that maybe someday I’ll have time to blog about something other than school. Right now it is my life.

And it’s a good life, so who am I to complain? 🙂


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