My Daughter’s Identity Crisis, and How I Used It to My Advantage

My daughter recently decided that she has an alternate personality, one who is named, interestingly enough, Erin Jo. For a few weeks, she would flip out as only a 3-year-old can when anyone called her Squeezy– “I’M NOT SQUEEZY! I’M ERIN JO!!!!”

I have to admit that this made me a bit uncomfortable. I mean, when Stinky was three he believed he was a dog for about four months, but at least he didn’t believe he was me. There’s something just a little weird about that . . . right?

However, I found a way to use this to my advantage. Squeezy had been waking up with a dry diaper nearly every morning, so I decided that it was time to ditch the diapers entirely. She, however, was not so convinced– I can only assume that diapers must be very comfortable.

So one night I’m getting Squeezy dressed in her jammies and I decide that this is it– we are done with the diapers. That’s when this happened:

Squeezy: Where’s my diaper?

Me: You don’t need a diaper anymore! You’re a big girl now! You can sleep in your panties!

Squeezy: I need my diaper! I’m not a big girl! I’M MOMMY’S SWEET LITTLE BABY!!!!

Me: Squeezy—


Me: You are?

Squeezy Erin Jo: Yes.

Me: Oh. Well. Erin Jo doesn’t wear diapers.

Squeezy Erin Jo: She doesn’t?

Me: Nope. Erin Jo is a big girl who keeps her panties dry all night long and doesn’t need a diaper anymore.

Squeezy Erin Jo: Oh. Okay.

And that, my friends, was the end of diapers in this house. Score one for Mommy.

(She has recently started yelling at us if we call her Erin Jo, saying she’s Squeezy now. So it looks like this phase is ending. Although, I will miss statements like, “Mommy, I’m Erin Jo, but I will be Squeezy at forty-seven o’clock.”)


5 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Identity Crisis, and How I Used It to My Advantage

  1. Hmm, we had a girl in FOURTH grade at GV who “was” a horse OFTEN. The teacher “worked” with her and it settled down – usually.

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