Jesus the Light, part 1

It is dark. This world, it is a dark place. A pregnant friend fights cancer as her husband loses his job. Another friend kisses her baby before the nurses take the little one away for surgery that she might not survive. My grandmother spends her first Christmas in more than fifty years without my grandfather. And in Connecticut the people of Newtown weep and pray and struggle with their new, horrific reality.

The tiny electric bulbs on my Christmas tree, the candles we light each evening, they can do nothing to dispel this darkness. Our hearts cry out and we wonder where is God? Oh, Lord, we need You now! Save us!

We come into a season of celebration with hearts that instead are broken and stifled in this darkness. How can we celebrate, when we look around and all we see is evidence of depravity?

God’s Word, the source of all truth, tells us that Jesus came to be the Light of this world. The light that we so need has been given to us, in the form of a baby born in a stable 2,000 years ago. His name, Jesus, means Savior, and He is Emmanuel, God with us, and when all seems dark there is only one place where we can ever find real light—with the God who spoke into the cold darkness of eternity and caused warm, beautiful light to burst forth from nothing.

When all around is darkness, let us draw near to God. Oh, Lord, we pray, let there be light.


4 thoughts on “Jesus the Light, part 1

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