So What Do You Do

When you leave your blog alone and dusty for nearly two months, and then come back and post a poem, and remember how much you love blogging, but you’re really not sure what to write or what to say or how to break the stillness you’ve allowed?

If you’re me, you ask your friends what you should write about and then decide to ignore their ideas and just share a bit of an update on your family and your life. Even though you know that most of your readers already know what’s going on with you since you constantly overshare on facebook. And then, also because you’re me, you decide that everything you’ve already shared on facebook will sound more interesting in haiku.

We have a snowstorm
No words can express my joy
Shoveling’s Art’s job.

We’re studying the
Dark Ages, and my boys both
made castle models.

Salt dough, when made and
wielded by a ten-year-old,
can be scary.

If an eight-year-old
with paint on his socks runs up
the stairs, it’s not good.

We got a Wii, and
now I’m pretty sure we need
a bigger TV.

I’m dieting now.
I tried kale in my smoothie.
It tasted like grass.

Squeezy is either
on a hunger strike, or sick,
or just being three.

I’ve been doing lots
of reading this year, so soon
I might post reviews.

Or maybe I won’t,
because that’s just how I roll.
You know you love me.

My favorite socks–
the cozy stripey slippers–
have big holes in them.

I guess that’s all
the haiku I shall compose;
see you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “So What Do You Do

  1. I had kale in my juice this morning!!
    Juicing gets more goody in the juice and less slime in the smoothie. Tried both, went with juicing.
    Miss you guys.
    We are in South Africa, just had movie night outside under the Southern Cross and Orion and the MILKIEST Milky Way you ever saw.

    Wow, kale, stars, and God at work. Can’t ask for more.

  2. sometimes we feel quiet. that’s okay. there will always be a few faithfuls who’ll love to see you when your at this space. like me.

    i currently feel quiet.

    your haiku’s are funny. kale is gross. paint up the steps is YIKES!
    3 year olds are like camels… they eat a lot at one sitting, then go days before eating again, so i’m going with your girl is 3.

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