Sioux Fails, South Dakota

So Art and I are currently on a little getaway in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We have never been here before! It is very exciting!

We have a hotel room with a balcony that has a lovely view of the air conditioning units and also a fabulous trash compactor.


We decided that we would take a walk down to Falls Park, which according to our map is just a few blocks away. We were very excited that along the way we got to see lots of neato sculptures.


Like this one of a fish with big lips.


And this puffin. I like puffins and tried to give him a kiss.


Also I beeped this bear’s nose.


Also we took a selfie with this grizzly bear.

We walked for a very long time. We saw no sign of a waterfall. We saw a park but it was small and just had a slide and some swings. We saw lots of nice people mowing their lawns and we saw a dog who barked at us and made me jump approximately six miles directly into the air.

We walked until the road ended and never reached the park. So we turned around and walked back. We stopped at Walgreens to buy bandaids because I was getting blisters. This is a picture of me putting a bandaid on my foot.


The map said it wasn’t very far so I was wearing sandals instead of my good shoes.

Finally we got back to where the sculptures were. We were on the other side of the street by this point, and there were maps.


I am frowning because my sense of direction had gotten all turned around and I had taken us the opposite direction of the falls. And then, in true stubborn fashion, I had kept going, insisting that it must be just over the next hill.

Usually Art is the one who gets us lost. He was so happy that it was my fault this time, that he let me have the camera and take this picture of him with these bears.


According to Google, we walked 5.56 miles today. Also according to the same source, the park we were attempting to reach is .85 miles from our hotel, in the opposite direction.

The moral of the story is, when you’re traveling with the Kilmers, here’s what you can expect: IMG_0294


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