All of the Excitement, It Is Right Here in This Post

It’s only five months till my birthday. I’m just giving you a fair warning, because I want you to have plenty of time to buy me a fabulous present. I’m going to be 35 this year.

The fact that I just started my blog post that way should show you how very exciting my day has been. It’s been awesome. We’ve been kind of crazy around here lately, so a day where the most exciting thing that happened is that I realized it’s only five months till my birthday is all kinds of wonderful.

Although plenty of other stuff happened. I had a green smoothie for breakfast. Squeezy assembled English muffin pizzas for lunch pretty much all by herself. I put away all the laundry from the last week. It rained while my quilt was hanging on the clothesline. I ate a tootsie pop. The boys played the Wii. I read like three more pages of the book Project-Based Homeschooling, which I’ve been reading for nearly two months now. It’s changing a lot of how I think about pretty much everything, not just school. I painted my toenails. Art washed the dinner dishes because he’s awesome.

This morning when I got Squeezy up, she was sitting on her bed wearing four socks. Then this afternoon when I got her up from quiet time, she had like four socks on each foot. She informed me that she was only wearing four pairs of socks! The boys are completely mystified by her behavior. I keep telling them to get used to that; if they ever think they have girls all figured out they will be sorely disappointed. This is true about their little sister wearing all of her socks at once, and true about their future girlfriends, wives, and daughters.

I believe in preparing my kids for the future, people.

Sunday on our way back from our trip we stopped at our old church to see some friends. Squeezy was so excited to see her little friend M, whose mom had spent more than five hours the day before beading and braiding M’s hair! (M’s mom gave me permission to share her picture here!)


Didn’t she do a great job? Ever since then, Squeezy has been talking about M’s hair and how it clacks when she shakes her head, so today I put a few little braids in her hair with some beads at the ends. She doesn’t clack nearly as fiercely as M does, but they do make a nice clicky noise against her glasses, which seems to be good enough for Miss Squeezy.

Squeezy's beads

She is very proud of herself. We’ll see how they look in the morning. Also, in this picture Squeezy is making a face that Angry Ranger makes a lot. It’s kind of weird, like seeing his face on her head. With pink glasses and ladybug jammies. I’m sure Angry Ranger would be super excited about that thought.

So, as you can see, it’s been a super thrilling day. Just what the doctor ordered!

Tune in tomorrow when I tell you all about my belly button lint.


2 thoughts on “All of the Excitement, It Is Right Here in This Post

  1. Enjoy the last 5 months in your lower 30’s. I threw a slumber party for my 35th. One if the activities was tp’ing houses and forking lawns. I was really mature when I was 35. I will no longer be in my 30’s when my birthday comes around.

    I personally prepare my son for the future all the time. His wife will thank me some day for making her seem like a walk in the park.

    Squeezy and Josie are two peas in a pod.

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