Gettin’ Smart . . . and Kind of Messy

It’s been a busy but fun kind of day here at the Together abode in Tiny Town, Iowa. This morning I introduced the kids to the wonderful world of chalk pastels, and we tried out this flag tutorial from Hodgepodge.

chalk pastels 1

This was the first time any of us had used chalk pastels, and the kids really thought they were pretty cool. Angry Ranger produced this fabulous waving flag. IMG_2775

Darth Piggy absolutely LOVED the pastels. I wasn’t surprised by this. He definitely loves doing art projects and has an inherent love of messy stuff. So this was right up his alley. He started with white paper and chalked it totally black, as you can see, then added the fireworks. See how messy his hands were? Happy boy!



Squeezy and Darth Piggy worked for another half hour or so producing some other works of art for me, which was wonderful because I have a photo gallery wall in my kitchen that was sorely in need of updating. It’s looking very festive and summery now!

After lunch we all went into town to buy flowers. We have a big garden patch in the backyard but didn’t plant anything but a few tomatoes, so Art decided that at least for this year we’d let the kids each have a plot to take care of themselves. Everything’s on clearance now, so for a few bucks they were able to get nice little gardens going for themselves.


We pretty much let the kids just choose whatever they wanted and plant them however they wanted to. We’ll see how everything grows! They are very excited about it, especially Darth Piggy who, as I may have mentioned, kind of loves dirt. We are working really hard right now to find something for DP to love and excel at, so I’m excited to see him take to gardening.

Tonight we all sat around and watched the first episode of the old TV series Get Smart. I can remember watching it on Nick at Nite when we stayed in hotels when I was a kid (because we never had cable, kind of like my poor, neglected children), and I remember thinking it was so funny. The kids loved it and can’t wait for more. A couple times I really thought someone was going to hyperventilate and/or wet their pants. Fabulous.

And thanks to that episode, I now have a favorite thing to say: “We have exactly one hour and forty minutes, and nothing to go on but a rubber banana!”

I don’t know. It makes me laugh.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my shoe is ringing.

get smart shoe phone


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Smart . . . and Kind of Messy

  1. We even bought the series on DVD with a gift card to Barnes and Noble! Hmm, comment on our taste – or age. The grandsons are quite amused. 🙂

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