10 Random Things That Happened Today

1. Art bought new shorts at Walmart. It was highly traumatic for him. He doesn’t like buying new clothes. If it wasn’t for me, he’d still wear his formerly-gray-but-now-pinkish sweater from high school out in public.

2. The phone rang at 9pm. This usually freaks me out, because generally speaking it means someone is sick or maybe even dead. The phone is not always your friend when you are a pastor’s wife. Thankfully tonight it was nothing major.

3. Squeezy cleared the kitchen table, wiped it down, got out the art supplies, made a few pictures, and then put everything away all by herself.

4. We watched 3 more episodes of Get Smart and Angry Ranger in particular laughed so hard I thought he might stop breathing. I kind of want to give him pop while we watch the show, just to see if it will squirt out his nose. Because that would be funny.

5. I washed our bedsheets. And just realized, at 9:54 PM, that they are still in the washing machine. Good job, Erin.

6. I wrote three different beginnings to this blog post before giving up and going with a “list of random.”

7. I spent my afternoon playing sudoku and taking a nap. And then I worked out, but I didn’t have fun. Nobody wanted to work out today.

8. Squeezy had trouble getting her shirt off before bed and completely flipped out, like had hysterics, and couldn’t get calmed down and was doing that half-cough-half-gag thing kids do when they’re super upset and you’re afraid they’re going to throw up. Art finally got her settled down, but then it was bedtime and she started freaking out because she didn’t want to sleep alone. And then I got her calmed down and tucked in with like 800 dolls and stuffed animals, and five minutes later she had hysterics again because her pajama shirt was on backwards. Squeezy is a drama queen, but this is extreme even for her. I hope she’s not getting sick.

9. I neglected my dishwashing duties at pretty much every meal today.

10. I seriously cannot think of anything to put here. What even happened today? I don’t know. Aren’t you glad you read this??? 🙂


6 thoughts on “10 Random Things That Happened Today

  1. My sister calls my house at early and late o’clock, and I ALWAYS panic, answer the phone, and say “what happened?!” I seriously lose years off my life.
    Sometimes I am a drama queen. 🙂

    I washed my sheets this week and dried them (miracle). We got home at midnight that night and they were wadded on the unmade bed.

    And I like your list.
    And I like that you are blogging again.

    And now I have to go (though I really want to read your posts) play Apples to Apples. I hate Apples to Apples… might throw a Squeezy type fit to get out of it.

  2. Duh. Of course I’m glad I read it. Obviously #10 is.: without even trying and on what I consider one of my worse blogging day, I manage to keep it funny and make people laugh!
    Way to go Mrs Pastor

  3. I thought we were probably the only family who has just the one set of bed sheets. Well, not exactly true. I have more. But I don’t like them as well, so I always wash and put them right back on. If I remember to put them in the dryer. ha!

    • That is EXACTLY us. I have a spare pair, but I never use them, so they have that “sitting-in-the-closet-unused-for-two-years” smell. Whereas the nice ones smell like fresh happy laundry. Totally worth it. 🙂

      • I thought this was facebook for a second there and searched around for the “like” button! *duh!* SAME THING for the sheets at our house. And I only remember to wash sheets a few times a year (aside from certain children bed-wetting episodes), so the fresh happy smell is a big deal to me! I seriously lay down and inhale deeply several times. Then I have to tell my hubby what I’m doing and he’s all like, it’s no big deal, they’re just clean…

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