Little Blessings on a Sunday

“Have you lost weight? Your face looks thinner!”

New friends, and their kids, joining us for lunch. Fellowship with strangers as brothers and sisters in the Lord. šŸ™‚

Sugar free coffee caramel Werther’s.

Sitting by my husband in church, thanks to a guest speaker– it doesn’t happen very often!

Naps. Always naps.

The sounds of siblings laughing together– instead of screaming at each other.

Church people glad to see us back after our trip.

Air conditioning!

Angry Ranger playing the offertory at church this morning.

Did I mention naps? Because naps! I love naps.


2 thoughts on “Little Blessings on a Sunday

  1. I LOVE naps. Today was a car nap day, so no nap for momma BUT that means early bedtime for baby! Assuming I can get her away from Daddy long enough!

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