In Case I Forget to Mention It, I’m Tired.

Today is day 8 of blogging every day for a month, and can I just be honest here? I’m really not feeling it today. I’m tired and I feel like I’ve been “on” all day long and truthfully I just want to sit here and watch the TV.

It would probably be even better if the TV were hooked up, but I’m not picky right now.

My husband is gone this week at junior high camp with a bunch of teenagers whose greatest desire is to pull a bunch of pranks on him. I’m not really a prank person so I’m glad I’m home. My kids would love to play pranks on me, but they’re not very good at it so they’re mostly harmless.

Angry Ranger spent his afternoon and evening building a castle from some boxes and toilet paper tubes and egg cartons and stuff. Darth Piggy spent his afternoon and evening irritating his sister and asking to play the Wii. Squeezy spent her afternoon and evening worrying about bedtime and yelling at her brothers. There were a few other activities in there. At one point we all ate dinner, and at another point we all sang “On Top of Spaghetti” in our loudest, most off-key voices with Angry Ranger accompanying us on the piano. This will undoubtedly provide us all with precious warm-fuzzy memories for years to come.

I moved books from one shelf in the school room to another in the hallway. A month ago I put all those books in the school room after taking them off the shelf in the hallway. I’m having some issues deciding how to best use our space. We are shifting direction a little bit in school this year, and I want our room to reflect that. So far all I’ve done is move stuff around. I guess maybe that’s progress.

I’m currently reading four books and I think maybe that’s too many. So maybe I’ll go to bed now and try to finish one of them. Or maybe I’ll just fall asleep. Did I mention I’m tired?

I miss him.

I miss him.

Goodnight, everybody! Send chocolate!



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